• Cooling India
  • Jul 19, 2017

Carel to Exihibit at Drinktec

 CAREL will be exhibiting with its own stand for the first time at Drinktec, presenting acomplete and innovative offering for the management and control of refrigerated merchandisers. World leader in refrigeration and air-conditioning management and control solutions, Carel,has been providing technologically-innovative andhigh-efficiency systems to the food & beverage industry for over forty years. From September11 to 15, the company will be exhibiting for the first time ever at Drinktec, in Hall A1, stand139, presenting a complete and advanced offering.

  “For several years our systems have been exhibited at Drinktec as technology integrated intothe beverage coolers displayed at our clients’ stands,” explained Alessandro Greggio, GroupHead of Marketing - Retail & Refrigeration. “This year we have decided to take part in thisimportant event independently, presenting a comprehensive offering of technologically advanced products and solutions designed specifically to meet the management and control requirements of refrigerated merchandisers, thus providing added value for beveragecompanies”.

  High efficiency, energy saving and connectivity are the key words that characterise theCAREL range on show at Drinktec. The proposal covers several different solutions, ranging fromentry level to top of the range, so as to meet all market requirements. DC inverter technologyguarantees maximum efficiency and energy savings. Bluetooth and cloud solutions respond tothe latest marketing analysis and service needs.

  “The challenges that beverage companies face fit perfectly with the core elements of ourmission: efficiency, energy saving, performance and connectivity”, Greggio continued. “In recentyears, these trends have intensified considerably and CAREL has exploited this opportunity bydeciding to invest in technologies that enable such results to be achieved. At Euroshop, wepresented our best in class proposal, while at Drinktec we will reveal our new revised andupgraded range, with extended connectivity services that provide beverage companiesexceptional opportunities”.