Please tell us about the milestones that the company achieved so far.

“DRY ALL” brand was established in the year 1990. We started with manufacturing of receiver driers for automobile air conditioners. This was followed by other HVAC&R line products such as Full range of Filter Drier, Accumulators, Oil Separators and Receivers.

In 2008, we moved to a new state-of-the-art manufacturing facility at Dombivali MIDC on the outskirts of Mumbai covering an area of 2,100 sq. mtr, having installed production capacity 50,000 unit /month. Today, we manufacture full range of HVAC&R line products. With stringent process control and quality checks, our complete product line enjoys the confidence of leading OEMs in India and worldwide. Select list of our customers includes Daikin, Blue Star, JCI-Hitachi, Carrier, Voltas, Stulz, Bosch, etc.

What kind of evolutions have you witnessed in the market?

In 90s, when we started DRY ALL, HVAC&R products were considered as luxury products and it attracted government taxes & levies linked to any luxury products. Today, it has become the basic need of consumer and industry. Indian HVAC&R industry is witnessing high double digit CAGR and scope for the range of product manufactured by us have huge potential. Our local presence has helped us to meet the customers’ requirements.

What are the products manufactured by the company?

DRY ALL is the only organized large scale manufacturer in India producing full range of HVAC&R line products that includes Filter Driers, Accumulators, Receivers, Oil Separators, Co-axial Heat Exchanger amongst others. Our biggest strength is product customization as per customer needs.

What are the challenges faced by you while manufacturing of the products? How do you overcome these challenges?

We love challenges and use our perseverance and creativity to overcome these challenges. They always make us stronger. We do face challenge every day to meet customer demand. Our production line is continuously working and sometime a technical glitch can result into stoppage of production line, which results in failure to meet customer timelines. To overcome these small glitches, we now have sufficient machine capacity, raw material readiness and well-trained technical team.

What opportunities do you envisage for your company with government’s focus on development of infrastructure projects like metro, smart cities etc.?

The ‘Make in India’ initiative and the various Infrastructure development projects of Indian Government has helped us to grow. Our products are used in the air-conditioning and refrigeration industry. With growth in infrastructure, the demand for airconditioning has grown and hence, for our products. Similarly, the cold chain in India is also evolving. This too has increased the demand for our products.

Do you have R&D lab? What is the manufacturing capacity of your plants? Do you have expansion plans?

R&D is the backbone to bring innovation into our company. Focus on R&D has helped us to become more competent along with enhancing the efficiency and productivity. We believe that it is core part of any engineering company. With the advent of new refrigerants, it became imperative that we had in house capabilities to develop products and have dedicated test labs. Due to continuous development by our R&D team, our products are today R410A and R32 compliant. Our products are UL approved. Our organization always encourages and sponsors research activity. Each of our raw material and final product goes through rigorous testing process. We perform burst test to make sure our product withstands pressure up to five times the maximum pressure of products. Today, our manufacturing facility has gone up to 50,000 units per month.

We are currently serving all leading OEMs in India and exporting worldwide. With this increased demand, it is important that we have a larger manufacturing unit. To meet increased customer demand, we are working on an expansion plan.

What innovations would you like to incorporate in your products to make them energy efficient and safe?

Pollution due to affluent discharge from any manufacturing units is a big challenge today. Taking this into consideration our company has installed a new waste treatment plant to achieve Zero Discharge. UL is a global safety consulting and certification company and we are proud to say that our product like Filter Driers and Oil Separators are UL certified. We also have R-410A & R32 ready products. We are contributing to the environment by adhering to “Restriction of Hazardous Substance (RoHS)” and “Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals” (REACH) in the production process.

Do you have an export market for your products?

We started exporting 10 years ago. Today, we export across all continents including North America, Europe, Middle East & Africa and Asia. Our customers include larger global OEMs, dedicated wholesaler, etc. Our manufacturing process is being aligned to meet the certification requirement for North America & European markets.

What are the growth drivers of your business?

Have you witnessed any impact of GST on your business? Our growth drivers are growth in HVAC&R industry, our ability to offer new, differentiated, customized products to our customers and our ability to gain new applications at OEMs.

Our focus is always on our customer needs. GST in medium and long terms will be game changer for our business and Indian industry at large. We did face some initial hiccups at the time of its implementation, but things have smoothened since then. We are benefitted by the GST implementation since it helps us to overcome complexity of taxes

What is your outlook for HVAC&R segment?

HVAC&R is a rapid growth industry. With the efforts of Government and help of all the International organizations, we must reduce greenhouse effect and protect the environment. According to India HVAC Market Forecast & Opportunities, 2019, the HVAC market in India is forecast to reach USD 3.97 billion by 2019 because of changing lifestyle, increasing per capita income, and rising expenditure by consumers on comfort solutions.