Energy Efficiency Zone Application- PIFLV is a pressure independent flow limiter valve that is specially designed for ON/OFF cooling zone applications. It is the best fitting solution where large delta T is required.

Overall benefits

 Large flow rate range, covers up to 1 I/s
 Clog-resistant flow limiter design
 Low working pressure 20kPa to be pressure independent
 Zero leakage minimizes energy loss
 High body pressure rating PN25
 Actuator runs at low power
 Quick actuation 75s/90s as standard, fast running options: 7s/15s/35s available.

Innovative Flow Limiter Design

No Overflow

The unique design combines an ultra-slim flow limiter with a two-way ball valve supply a specific flow regardless of system pressure fluctuations. It ensures the right flow across the valve without overflow.

No Clogging

This new design provides much greater flow capacity since the flow rate is no longer bound by the complex cartridge or regulator limits. The clean and spacious inner structure allows dirt to wash our easily without clogging.

Actuator with Patented Brushless DC Motor saves Energy

The brushless DC Motor’s power consumption when running is a mere 0.3 W (0.15 W when holding) saving energy and transformer power. In addition to significantly reducing energy costs, this helps eliminate failures due to stalled motors and prolongs actuator life. It also allows for more units to be powered by a single transformer.