US Green Building Council (USGBC) released the list of India’s Top 10 States for LEED, the world’s most widely used green building rating system. This is the first time the list has been released in India, and it ranks states in terms of gross square feet (GSF) of LEED-certified space overall.

“India continues to be a leader in the green building movement and the states listed here have shown exceptional leadership and dedication to creating a more sustainable built environment,” said Mahesh Ramanujam, President and CEO, USGBC and GBCI. “India has seen robust growth in the number of green buildings certified under LEED across all sectors. The leaders, policymakers and developers in India are all working toward a common goal of sustainability. We hope this list encourages the use of LEED and sustainable practices in more states across the country while driving enthusiasm amongst leaders to be a part of this change.”

LEED-certified spaces use less energy and water, save money for families, businesses and communities, reduce carbon emissions and create a healthier environment for occupants and the community at large.

From the states mapped, Tamil Nadu tops the list, followed by Maharashtra, Karnataka, Haryana and Delhi. The detailed rankings are listed below:

USGBC’s LEED green building certification system is the foremost program for the design, construction, maintenance and operations of green buildings. More than 93,000 projects are currently participating in the commercial LEED rating systems, comprising more than 19.8 billion square feet of construction space in 167 countries and territories. In addition, more than 1.6 million are registered or certified with LEED.