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Achieving Sustainability in Distribution & Logistics Centre

Choosing the right entrances for loading bays can help achieve sustainability, safety and speed throughout the loading process in distribution and logistics centre.


The right doors and docking solutions at loading bays can cut unnecessary emissions. At large loading bays, insulated dock levelers and insulated overhead sectional doors can reduce unnecessary loss of energy, both when the loading bay is closed and also during loading and unloading. Fast-acting overhead sectional doors can also make a difference to the amount of energy lost. By reducing the amount of time, the door is open, they limit the amount of time available for temperature exchange and for energy to escape.

At smaller loading bays, or in parcel distribution centres, van cushion shelters have been shown to reduce energy loss by up to 50 per cent. When the van is docked, a tight seal is created between the van and the loading bay, which means temperature transfer is minimised, thus, reducing energy loss and maintaining a steady indoor environment.


There are a variety of steps that one can take to enhance safety at loading bays. Traffic light systems mean trucks only maneuver when safe to do so, and all personnel know the status of the docking procedure so making sure that they stay out of harm’s way.

Restraint systems, ranging from wheel chocks to hydraulic restraint systems, firmly secure trucks in place during loading and unloading to prevent premature drive off and the risk of accidental vehicle creep.

Integrated docking systems mean that overhead sectional doors can only ever be open when a truck is safely docked, removing any risk of staff or stock falling off the loading bay.


Ensuring loading bays work at an optimal speed is easy with fast acting doors. Fast overhead sectional doors mean loading is never held up by slow moving entrances. Products such as restraint systems prevent accidents occurring, which in turn limits the risk of slowing business down with unplanned downtime.

And in addition, having a standard loading procedure that staff can follow whenever a truck arrives will help the user ensuring faster and more efficient processes every time.

Gandhi Automations manufactures loading bay solutions like dock levelers, dock shelters, sectional overhead doors. Dock equipment are designed and factory-made in state-of-the-art manufacturing facility. Its dock equipment meet international safety standards like EN1398 for dock levelers and product is CE marked.

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