A fresh culture and a naïve paradigm are emerging during long-lasting pandemic wave, albeit on an optimistic note. The virus, compatible with all weather conditions is a shared- challenge globally, pushing the humanity into isolation and insecurity.

People are embracing new behaviour model as social distancing, virtual over physical, remote access, webs and online engagements as future tool for interaction and activity. Digitalisation – now a need has enveloped us. Potentially, the downturn in country’s economic and manufacturing sectors demands a new definition of ‘adaptability’ to be creative and resilient in the face of new situations.

A whole new concept is coming into being as the market is changing. The mobility has taken a hit, production graphs have declined and people prefer online purchases. The things are getting expensive but marketing competitiveness, surging with new wave stands to grow. Work force inculcates a new habit; becoming conscious about more hygienic ways, washing hands every two hours, on the lighter side of it! What do we have to look forward clearly!

The current situation stresses the importance of having good, effective ventilation in a building that is paramount to dilute the concentration of airborne contaminants, if any.  Simply, R&D focus inclines to new ideas as retrofits, creating energy efficient products as cooling devices are crucial to human health. In calling for a switch to energy- efficient cooling, the government in consultation with BEE, mandated a default temperature of 240C instead of the standard 20-210C, for all brands and types of AC units made or sold from the start of this year. The measures specify new set of thermal control technology.

Primarily, opportunity lies on intervention of technology in ways of doing; safety and comfort to meet changing times post ‘unlockdown’. The lockdown has shown that people can do anything for sustained living, if they have to believe in happenings. To meet that reality, the HVACR industry needs to explore manifold options such as what kind of demand is convincing, to provide new insights, carve out innovative strategies etc., with an objective lending to bustling activity in a gradual unlocking phase leading to ‘new normal’. Perceptibly, market is perpetuating to a new order.

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Gopal Krishna Anand

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