Air Master is a group of companies established in UAE in the year 1987 by Indian entrepreneurs, and started operations in India in 1988. Since then, Air Master has been delivering the best quality air distribution products with a proven record of on time delivery and distinct quality. We have been operating in the Middle East and Indian Sub-Continent ever since and currently operate eight manufacturing facilities in Middle East and four in India with a highly skilled workforce, headed by a team of business professionals and experienced engineers and managers, thus, ensuring delivery of quality engineered products to meet the dynamic needs of our customers in a scheduled time. We are the first Indian company to have introduced world class quality aluminium air distribution products in India.


Over the decades we have engaged in manufacturing wide range of air terminal outlets such as Grilles, Registers, Louvers, Diffusers, Jet nozzles and ducting accessories such as volume control dampers, fire dampers, sound attenuators, VAVs and access doors. We also manufacture UL classified fire and smoke dampers and fire doors. The flexible ducts and adhesive tapes amongst others products in UAE.

This year has been another important milestone for Air Master with the launch of UL Classified Fire and Smoke Dampers in India. A new state-of-the-art manufacturing plant was opened in Bangalore dedicated to manufacturing UL products to meet the growing demand in the industry. Our factory in Bengaluru has been approved by Underwriter Laboratory USA with multiple listing code to produce the above dampers. Our central location facilitates easy reach and logistic support throughout India for timely delivery to our esteemed customers.


Air Master products are tested by ETL testing laboratory in accordance with the ASHRAE, ANSI, and AMCA standards by testing facilities in USA and UK to guarantee its performance and efficiency. Air Master Fire Dampers (vertical and horizontal installation) are UL555 & UL555S classified for 1½-hour and 3-hour fire rating to ensure its performance and reliability in times of need. Air Master Fire Doors (Single Swing Type Doors) are UL 10B classified for 2-hour fire rating. In addition to this, all products undergo multiple quality inspections before delivery to ensure quality, excellence and customer satisfaction.


Our factories are one of the largest of its kind in this line both in UAE and in India, specially dedicated to the manufacturing of air outlet products and ducting accessories. We boast state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities in Bangalore apart from eight in Middle East. Our plants are equipped with highly sophisticated machines and technology imported from across the world. We are increasingly making use of automated technology which has enabled faster deliveries to its customers with higher precision in quality. Totally, Air Master employs over 500 skilled workforce resulting in a smooth and unstoppable production output. Air Master’s prime focus remains on quality of the product delivered which we do not compromise at any cost. With sales and business operations across India and all GCC countries and manufacturing facilities in Bangalore and Chennai in India, Air Master does its best to meet the growing demands of the region.


We have been a part of many prestigious projects and carried out various challenging projects in sectors such as Business Parks, leading IT software Parks, 7 & 5 star Hotels like Abu Dhabi Palace Hotel, Oman Palace Hotel apart from The Atlantis in the Palm Jumerah, hospitals, airport terminals, power stations, oil and gas, manufacturing plants, shopping malls, universities etc. We have supplied to almost all major airports in South India and many 5 Star hotels such as Leela Palace Marriott, Hilton, Sheraton, Shangri La, Taj Group etc. Other projects to name a few are Bosch, Toyota, Prestige Golfshire, Embassy Boulevard, Bangalore World Trade Center, Shantiniketan, Kingfisher Towers, ANZ, IBM, Wipro, Infosys, Cognizant, Accenture, Amazon, ISRO, BEL, BARC and many more.

The tallest tower in the world, Burj Khalifa, is definitely amongst one of our most prestigious projects. Air Master brand was selected by the project consultant with toughest competitions among the leading world suppliers due its reliability and undoubtable commitments to deliver on time by maintaining quality at all stages. It was a challenging project with non-negotiable deadlines. In addition to specially designed Grills and Diffusers, we also supplied large volumes of Volume Control Dampers and Access Doors. We procured the design and spare parts in Germany and assembled the products in our specially established workshops. All air ventilation products in Burj Khalifa were supplied by Air Master. Special services were also provided to meet the aesthetic requirements of the project.


We face different challenges for each project due to varying project requirements during the completion of the project. Every construction project is unique in its own way encompassing various features such as performance, sustainability, reliability, safety, security, maintainability, beauty, etc. Our products are designed to meet each of these demands as we accommodate these changing needs and the aesthetic needs of the architects, consultants and government agencies. We are committed to quality and prompt deliveries.

Finishing a project within a given deadline is a difficult task for the contractors, which Air Master understands. We ensure that the project is completed by offering our full support and we carry out this efficiently and with complete dedication. The requirement for our products arises at the 11th hour since our products are required at the final stages of the project.

Our unique talent and capability has contributed to our fame as a reliable supplier. Our trademark values of honesty and reliability and cooperation’s have enabled us to emerge as a market leader and have kept us ahead of any changes in the business environment.

It is our privilege to work with the best consultants around the world to their fullest satisfaction with constant research and development fulfilling the gaps between manufacturers and end users. We also manufacture custom made products to suit their design requirement keeping in mind the increasing demand for new innovative products.


We have steadily grown with more than 25 years of excellence in this field and the knowledge of air outlet products and their design has increased over the years. Now there are various types of air distribution products that have vastly improved the air quality and air distribution systems. As projects costs have been on the rise, awareness of sustainability and its subsequent implementation has also increased. Products are expected to be environment friendly and energy-efficient while adding more focus on the aesthetic aspect of the product. At Air Master we strive to make all our products and processes sustainable and energy efficient by constant research and developments. Our operations are less energy consuming, including our powder coating methods which are automated and environment-friendly.

Our progressive growth over the years is the result of strong attention of our consultants and clients due to our commitment to delivery of quality products and an invariable passion for continuous improvement and the dedication of our employees. Air Master started as a family business, and continues to thrive today as the second generation well qualified with Post Graduations as stepped in to add further dedication to Air Master’s spirit, and vigorously expanding and improving operations.


We at Air Master believe in having a global approach towards serving customers. We strive to serve all regions of India, GCC countries, Africa, Europe and some parts South Asia. We believe we can expand this further by introducing new products and services in the present day dynamic environment. Our achievements in the past loyalty of our customers to whom we brand as life time customers stand as a testimony to our growth. We are always in search of new business opportunities and products to further expand our wings of innovation to serve our customers in the best possible way we can. “Air is the basic need of every individual, and we ensure it is delivered to you for your comfort, health and safety.”