Following the appointment of Giandomenico Lombello as Group Managing Director, CAREL is continuing the reorganisation of the Sales and Marketing Department. Accordingly, Alessandro Greggio and Roberto Sandano have been appointed respectively as Group Chief Sales and Marketing Officer – Refrigeration and Group Chief Sales and Marketing Officer – HVAC. Both these appointments are aimed at strengthening the focus and coordination of the Sales and Marketing processes in a context of strong growth and increasing competitiveness in the markets where CAREL operates. Greggio and Sandano, now have the responsibility at a group level of working closely together to guide business development in their respective markets.

“The strong market focus that this organisation will enable also has the goal of reinforcing close synergy between sales and marketing”, Alessandro Greggio commented. “I am thrilled at this highly-important opportunity, given CAREL’s rate of innovation in the HVAC/R market.”

“I enthusiastically welcome this challenge,” Roberto Sandano added, “And feel this is a new starting point for focusing even more closely on the demands and needs of our respective reference markets.”