CAREL will stop the production activities of its plants in Italy starting from the 26th of March until 3rd of April due to the emergency linked to COVID-19 (Coronavirus). Currently, the aforementioned plants are mainly carrying out preparation activities for this stop and warehousing and shipping activities.

With the aim of mitigating, as far as possible, the negative impacts deriving from the stop of the production activity in Italy, the presence of Group’s plants in almost all continents is particularly important at this time. CAREL can count on a significant production flexibility guaranteed by five factories abroad, some of which have been expanded recently. The plants of the Group are located in Croatia, Germany, Brazil, China and the United States, all currently fully operating.

The initiatives already taken in relation to white-collar workers in Italy remain valid, enabling smart-working for a percentage close to 100 per cent.

CAREL confirms its focus on the management of this emergency and will put in place all the necessary measures in order to better protect the health of its employees both in Italy and abroad.