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Carrier adds smart valves to i-Vu building automation system

Carrier has added new i-Vu Smart Valves to the suite of components available for the i-Vu building automation system, making it even easier to maintain occupant comfort, optimise energy usage and resolve problems faster. The Smart Valves provide operators access to valve performance data from anywhere at any time, as well as quick error detection with integrated fault detection and diagnostics.

The new i-Vu Smart Valves were designed in collaboration with Belimo, a leader in the development and production of actuator solutions. They integrate seamlessly with the i-Vu building automation system, which automatically notifies operators if a valve has failed, becomes stuck, or is cycling or leaking.

“We are excited to add Smart Valves to our i-Vu building automation system,” said Mark Jones, business manager, Carrier Controls. “Through our relationship with Belimo, we are able to add this cutting-edge valve technology to our i-Vu system; as such, customers will benefit from a single point of access into all of their building assets, from HVAC equipment and controls, to sensors and valves. This real-time visibility will help them improve operational efficiency and keep occupants comfortable.”

The i-Vu Smart Valves are available for both pressure dependent and pressure independent applications. They feature a compact design for easy installation and the valve bodies snap directly to the actuator. This allows operators and technicians to install Valves quickly, easily, and without the use of tools, helping to reduce labour costs, and it also makes retrofitting traditional Valves a snap. The valve actuator is capable of providing fail open, fail close, or fail in the last position to meet project requirements.