Bank of America Stadium won a 2018 Energy Efficiency Leader award and recognition from Trane and Ingersoll Rand leaders for outstanding commitment to energy conservation. Panthers’ President, Tom Glick, and Vice President of Stadium Operations Scott Paul accepted the award recently during a ceremony at the stadium.

“Fan comfort can go hand-in-hand with efforts to reduce the stadium’s energy use,” said Paul. “Our fans invest time and money to see their favourite team. Their game day experience can be fun and enjoyable, while also respecting the environment.”

Managers of the 75,523-seat football stadium set out to improve fan comfort, reduce costs, and lower the venue’s energy use. The solution included a comfort system facelift, which reduces the stadium’s energy costs by $80,000 per year.

“The Bank of America Stadium team shows unwavering commitment for the Charlotte community,” said Ron Payne, District General Manager for Trane, a brand of Ingersoll Rand. “By focusing on energy efficiency and the fan experience at the same time, they demonstrate what it means to be an energy efficiency leader.”

The Bank of America Stadium upgrades also align with North Carolina’s statewide goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 40-per cent by 2025; buildings are one of the state’s most energy-reliant sectors. These upgrades reduce the stadium’s energy usage by 1.7 million-kw hours per year, which is equivalent to taking 271 cars off the road or powering 190 homes each year, in terms of greenhouse gas emissions.

Bank of America Stadium’s 33-acre footprint stretches across uptown Charlotte, and has extensive energy demands, including heating and cooling in suites, concessions and other indoor areas.