Danfoss takes measures during the COVID-19 crisis

The outbreak of the Coronavirus has taken the world by storm. Due to lockdown in most parts of the world, the global economy has come to a standstill. During such a crisis, Danfoss has enlisted precautions to keep the business running.

First and foremost, the company’s focus is on keeping everyone safe and they have taken prompt action all over the world to get the needed health and safety precautions in place to help ensure the wellbeing of all their colleagues. This is the key to ensure that the company continues to operate and serve their customers.

• They are following the different requirements by local authorities, and their contingency plans have been quickly put in place to minimise the potential impact on their supply chain and delivery to customers.

• Until now, the company has experienced only minor interruptions. However, they are very much aware that supply chains might be impacted by local and regional issues due to spread of coronavirus globally.

• They know the coronavirus situation is developing day by day and its status and impact are very different from one country to another. Therefore, Danfoss is keeping in very close contact with their suppliers and logistics providers, and in all areas.

• The company has, to a large extent, shifted to digital and online services, and many of the colleagues are now working from home in an effort to slow the spread of the coronavirus. This also goes for their customer service functions.

• In Danfoss, they have a ban on all travel between countries, and they have decided to significantly limit their face-to-face meetings in general. They are always fully available – on the phone and online – ready to serve their customers and partners.