Make In India
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Danfoss to further localize and support the GoI’s mission towards an ‘Athmanirbhar Bharat’. The Danfoss Group has made significant investments to the tune of INR 1000+ crores in last six years, to further the company’s commitment towards strengthening its local manufacturing and powering its capabilities towards India-focussed R&D and innovation. 

As the company began its independent operations in India, Danfoss Drives’ India Design Center serves as a hub for Global High Power Designs, Application Development Center and Product Engineering Center and Center of Excellence in heavy industries. The new range of drives will create a significant impact on improving energy efficiency and maximise energy production. The latest additions to the drives portfolio assembled in India will drive up the sales of ‘Made in India’ drives to over 80%.

Vesa Laisi, President, Danfoss Drives said: “At Danfoss Drives, we are focused on generating value from our decades of experience to help drive the sustainability goals of national and international governments, in a bid to help engineer a better and more sustainable future. Backed by a strong understanding of the global megatrends that are powering the world’s economic and social growth, we aim to push the boundaries of technology by innovating solutions to tackle climate change, cope with rapid urbanisation and improve standards of living among the citizens of the world”.  

P L Palanisamy, Director – Danfoss Drives, Danfoss India said: “Since its inception, Danfoss India has viewed the region with vast growth potential. We continue to be the market leader across several verticals such as commercial buildings, chemical, power, textiles, cement, pulp & paper, etc. due to our continuous innovation and value addition to customers. With the wide-spread adoption of our drives across key Indian industries, we have increasingly strengthened our resolve to make our Danfoss Drives business self-reliant where ~80% of our supplies are produced from India Campus with an increasing focus on building a local supplier base and enhancing process innovation for our customers in India. We are optimistic that the move towards increasing investments in the Drive segments will stimulate continued growth for Danfoss in India.” 

Palanisamy added: “With a steady focus on building a strong Global R&D & Engineering function, Danfoss India has built fresh avenues for customer and industry collaborations within the country to enhance the product testing capabilities at global standards and increase the speed of innovation. The company has also made huge strides in achieving maximum self-reliance right from the sourcing of raw materials to the delivery of the finished products in India. Currently, the final products from the Danfoss India campus are also exported, to key markets such as the US, Middle East, ASEA regions”. 

Ravichandran Purushothaman, President, Danfoss India said: “Danfoss India’ commitment to India has been unwavering from the start and, the recent increase in India investments of our Drives segment reinforces this commitment. The added step towards increasing our production lines is a testament to our success story in addressing the needs of our customers and the industry during these trying times. We remain steadfast in our journey towards complete localisation and stand in solidarity with the centre’s clarion call for ‘India for India’ and the ‘Aatmanirbhar Bharat Abhiyaan”.