DREO is a modern home appliance brand seeking to redefine the way we interact with our homes...

DREO, the home technology pioneer brand, is going to launch its revolutionary purifier tower fan featuring an industry-first dual-motor design. The purifier tower fan MC710S marks the first product in DREO’s  Multicomfort product series and is announced alongside a new smart fan series from DREO’s popular Polyfan category.

Scheduled for release on the DREO website on April 9, 2024, the MultiComfort series and new PolyFan Series from DREO aim to reimagine air comfort solutions, by offering better performance and value through innovation.

The flagship product in the Multicomfort series, the purifier tower fan MC710S, boasts DREO’s exclusive industry-first dual-motor technology, enabling it to function seamlessly as both a tower fan and an air purifier; or combined together for maximum performance while giving users unique wind and purifying combinations.

Designed to rival top competitors, the purifier tower fan MC710S offers twice the air outlet speed at half the price, with significantly reduced noise levels. The purifier tower fan MC710S’ dual filtration system and dual motor design that provides 2.3 times faster winds than single motor setups, delivers ultra-long-range clean and fresh air up to 40ft away making it capable of customizations for many scenarios and room sizes and is perfect for both winter purification and summer cooling. Users can monitor air quality, temperature, and operational status at a glance from anywhere in the DREO APP.


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