Particularly impressive features of the new RadiCal centrifugal fans are high air flow rates, compact dimensions and good noise characteristics…

It has now been over 10 years since ebm papst launched the “RadiCal” centrifugal fan series. This has now proven itself in many ventilation and air conditioning systems. With the new RadiCal fans, the Mulfingen team is now presenting the second generation, which impresses with its high air flow rates, compact dimensions and pleasant noise characteristics.

The opportunities in plastic production have enabled a new, innovative blade geometry, which contributes to significantly higher efficiency and lower noise levels. The ‘twisted’ blades are mutually curved in on themselves. The shape of the inlet and outlet edges has been completely redesigned, which has a positive effect on the flow characteristics. The corrugated impeller cover plate and the struts profiled in the centrifugal module also improve the aerodynamic characteristics of the fans, and so too the air performance.

Thanks to new production methods, it was possible to significantly reduce the air gap, i.e., the distance between the inlet ring and the impeller, depending on the size. This results in fewer losses, increases efficiency and reduces the noise. The new FlowGrid has also been optimized and lowers the noise level by up to 3 dB(A) compared to the current series version for installation-related intake-side disturbances.

Depending on the size of the fans, the new EC motors cover the power range for single-phase grids up to 800 W. Fans for three-phase grids and powers of up to 1.5 kW will follow at a later stage.

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