The proposed ELMS vehicle…

To meet the growing demands for sustainable delivery solutions, Electric Last Mile, Inc.; and Thermo King, a strategic brand of Trane Technologies plc. have announced plans to build a first-of-its-kind all-electric refrigerated delivery vehicle. As part of the collaboration, Thermo King will integrate its E-200 all-electric refrigeration unit into the ELMS’ Urban Delivery Electric Vehicle (EV). This vehicle will be a prototype of the anticipated first Class 1 commercial EV available in the United States.

Detailing on the development, ELMS Co-Founder and CEO, James Taylor, said, “Together with Thermo King, a global leader in temperature control technologies for transport, we have the opportunity to expand the sustainability of the cold chain by electrifying the last mile delivery of fresh food and other perishable goods. Our goal is to redefine all verticals of last mile delivery and the Urban Delivery EV prototype brings us closer to that transformation.”

ELMS and Thermo King expect to pilot the Urban Delivery prototype with refrigerated transport customers, as well as have it on display at the Home Delivery Expo, alongside their partners at Delivery Concepts, Inc. The prototype will also be on display at International Food Distributors Association’s annual events.

Focusing on the Thermo King’s strategy, Chris Tanaka, Vice President of Product Management, Thermo King Americas, said, “Electrification is the force behind Thermo King’s strategy to deliver smart, sustainable temperature-control solutions that will strengthen the cold chain and add value to our customers’ operations. Partnering with a technology innovator such as ELMS advances our goal to meet the rapidly growing demand for home delivery in a more efficient and sustainable way.”

Thermo King introduced electrification to the transport refrigeration industry more than two decades ago with electric technologies in their marine, bus and truck product lines. Now, the company offers several all-electric products, which is paving the way to an all-electric portfolio of zero emission cold chain solutions. Thermo King’s refrigerated and temperature-controlled solutions help in supporting the safe delivery of critical perishable goods, from fresh food to pharmaceuticals, including Covid-19 vaccines.

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