Ensavior Technologies Private Limited, is engineering solutions provider company engaged in design, engineering, sales, marketing and servicing of the following systems or services:

Pumping System: Pumps for HVAC, Plumbing, Fire
Hydronic Balancing: Automatic Balancing / PICV Valves for HVAC System
Ventilation & IAQ Systems: Ultra Violet Germicidal Irradiation (UVGI) System / LS Fans Electrostatic Precipitator System
TES Systems: Chilled Water Thermal Energy Storage System

  We promote concepts and products that to a significant extent address the issue of energy efficiency and indoor air quality. Our strategic tie ups with Xylem, Flowcon International – Denmark, Aeropure, Espair and FTENE – Korea, form a well mix of products that cater to the need of the hour. The company’s strength lies in its unique offerings of the above products and services. Our success is an outcome of strategic focus on the HVAC industry, moving up the value chain for products and services.

  Pumping Systems: We represent Xylem for pumping solutions, which are constantly developing and fielding new HVAC systems that work efficiently, making buildings more comfortable, productive and healthy.

  Hydronic Balancing: It is the process of optimizing the distribution of water in a building’s heating or cooling system to provide the intended indoor climate at optimum energy efficiency and minimal operating cost.

  UVGI System: UVGI systems irradiate the AHU coils with UV-C rays, destroying the ability of the organisms to reproduce and multiply, thus, maintaining the indoor air quality of the air-conditioned spaces. It leads to energy savings by improving heat transfer efficiency of AHU cooling coil.

  HVLS Fans: High Volume Low Speed (HVLS) Fans circulate the air and improve the comfort, productivity and the health of people. Elevated temperatures and humidity make people uncomfortable and decrease productivity.

  Electrostatic Precipitation Systems: ESPAIR™ has developed the most sophisticated technology based on Electrostatic Precipitation for filtration and elimination of pollutants like mist, dust, smoke, grease, oil, fumes, microbes, etc to ensure environment healthy surroundings.

  Thermal Energy Storage System: We have a tie up with FTENE, Korea for Stratified Thermal Energy Storage. It helps lower Operational Costs by enabling the shifting of energy consumption of chillers from high cost hours to low cost hours by storing cool energy during low cost periods.

  We engage on the project right from the conceptualization stage and thereby help in right selection, optimum design and implementation of most energy efficient products. Besides that, we ensure on site job trainings to project managers, facility managers and operators so that the systems are operated in most efficient and simplest manner. Based on need of the project, we also undertake operation and maintenance of the system for which we have back up in terms of spare parts and manpower.

  We view every project as a fresh opportunity for continuous improvement. This results in maximum cost effectiveness, efficiency, and productivity for our customers. We firmly believe that, the more you engage with customers, the things become clearer, and it is easier to co-relate to their requirements. It is our constant endeavour to make every aspect of the customer requirement a little bit better, since we know when a customer comes first, the customer lasts…….