Eurovent Green Recovery Plan
Photo by Noah Buscher on unsplash

Eurovent calls for an ambitious EU green recovery package that focuses on renovating the EU‘s building stock, modernising the energy system, and investing in digitalisation and the circular economy. The next EU budget presents a unique opportunity to reboot the European economy to carbon-neutrality.

Due to the severe impact on the global economy, the European Union is preparing a COVID-19 recovery package intending to relaunch the economy and build resilience to future crises.

Eurovent calls on the EU leadership to match the scale and objectives of COVID-19 recovery package with the ambitions of the European Green Deal. Renovating building stock, modernising energy system, and investing in digitalisation and the circular economy is a win-win strategy that boosts the economy today and lies the groundwork for a competitive, responsible and resilient single market tomorrow.

Naci Sahin, President, Eurovent stated: “Heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration businesses were not spared by the COVID-19 recession. An ambitious stimulus programme that rhymes with the notes of the European Green Deal will feed two birds with one scone: it helps the economy recover from the immediate crisis and unlocks our sector’s potential to enable the future-proofing of the economy in the long run.”

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