Poul Due Jensen, Group President & CEO, Grundfos

Grundfos applauds C40’s new leadership standards that set a new global benchmark for climate ambition including, adaptation and climate resilience. 

Poul Due Jensen, Group President & CEO, Grundfos, said: “C40 has set a great example of how to build and sustain a thriving economy that works for everyone. Even though in 2020, they have worked tirelessly with mayors around the world to continue focusing on the climate crises, all while trying to overcome the COVID-19 pandemic. The mayors associated with C40 are uniquely positioned to build action plans for climate resilience and water security within their cities. We at Grundfos welcome C40’s new leadership standards that focus on adaptation and climate resilience and strengthen its ambition to create water-secure cities. The C40 project on Water Secure Cities for the future is already delivering remarkable results that will pave the way for mayors to deal with their climate-related water risk in the future.”

Poul Due Jensen concluded: “This is a tremendous achievement for C40 and Grundfos and we could not have hoped for more at this early stage of the project.”

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