Grundfos has initiated manufacturing 5,000 face shields for Danish Medicines Agency. The company team had produced a visor prototype barely after thirty-six hours after the call from the Danish Medicines Agency. On April 3, full-scale production has begun. Up to 5,000 visors, or face shields, will – according to demand – roll out every day so that employees in the health and care sector can protect themselves and patients against corona infection.

The delivery of aids also includes other countries in areas, where Grundfos has production facilities. For instance, 2500 visors have delivered to a local French hospital on April 6. ”I am incredibly proud of our skilled colleagues, who have established this so quickly. It is imperative that everyone contributes to solutions in any way possible, so we can support our health and care staff in the fight against coronavirus. We are ready to do everything within our power,” says Morten Bach Jensen, Group Vice President, HVAC OEM, Grundfos.

A key factor in developing the visor was making it easy to manufacture and easy and convenient for staff to use. The mask consists of a normal sheet of A4 foil attached to a plastic frame, which was 3D printed in the early stages of the project but now ready for production in a regular plastic tool. “We have applied a standard product like A4 foil, so the visor is easier to produce. You simply make holes in the foil with a regular hole punch and then click it onto the frame,” explains Torben Buch Rasmussen, who leads the team behind the visors.

“It is very important for our company to take social responsibility. We can help produce something, which is a deficiency, and this is not something we have to make money from. It’s just an attempt to help,” he adds.

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