Inspired by the Japanese Kintsugi art and naturally existing waveform Johnson Controls-Hitachi Air Conditioning India Ltd. launched an exciting range of new-age Room Air Conditioners for 2021.

The new aesthetically and premium-looking product lineup includes Hitachi Cooling and Heating’s first-ever Ambience light, which allows consumers to perfectly tune-in with their desired temperature and comfort level. This feature has 3 specific colors- cool blue for a cool ambience, comfort green for comfort ambience, and warm red for a warm ambience. Ambience light offers ultimate flexibility and comfort for consumers to set their preferred ambience easily in just one glance. The company also introduced a new airCloud Home app for its Wi-Fi-enabled ACs with a smart geo fencing feature and voice command and a plethora of other futuristic air conditioning products and technologies.

Gurmeet Singh, Chairman, and Managing Director, Johnson Controls-Hitachi Air Conditioning India Ltd., said: “Consumer is the King and we understand that consumer of the new Informed world is evolving every day and their need for NEW is changing. In our endeavor to meet the demands of this aspiring consumer, Hitachi is committed to set new consumer satisfaction milestones with its best-in-class products and solutions. Our innovations are developed keeping consumer needs in mind because at Hitachi ‘New begins with you’. This is the same philosophy that we are going to use in this year’s brand communication as well. We are offering a wide range of 30+ models and 90+ SKUs in the Room AC category which, caters to the ever-evolving need of our customers in both residential and light commercial spaces for their homes, villas.”

Singh added: “Energy conservation is our core belief, and therefore, we plan on going heavily on inverter technology to help consumers save electricity, money, and the environment. With Inverter Split AC models ranging between 5, 4, and 3-Star category, almost as high as 80% of our entire Split AC lineup is inverter-based. As sustainability has become the new norm of the informed world, almost all of our Room AC models are charged with environment-friendly Green refrigerant. We are confident that the new lineup of our exciting products will certainly create a comfortable, healthy, and perfectly pleasant indoor environment in Indian homes.”

Most suited to meet the cooling demands of a large room (up to 400 sq. ft), Hitachi Cooling & Heating has also launched its high capacity, heavy performing, and truly powerful machines- Takeshi ACs. While normal AC can throw air maximum at 7 mt. or so, Takeshi can throw up to 15 mt. Available in 1.7 TR / 2.0 TR / 2.5 TR & 3.1 TR., Takeshi’s one unit satisfies the cooling needs of a larger space perfectly, which otherwise would have required 2 normal capacity models.

The company has introduced a special category of 1.25 TR, 3- & 5-Star inverter models, which fits in perfectly for new constructions having room sizes of 120 to 135 sq. ft. Hitachi has launched a new series called the X series for those looking for something that is priceless yet not price-conscious and delivers the best quality performance. The new product line includes Shizuka inverter window air conditioner range capable of expanding its cooling capacity when the temperature goes up in extreme summers and can work up to 52° C.

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