Johnson Controls-Hitachi Air Conditioning India Ltd. Has recently launched SideSmart – world’s first slim modular side throw VRF model air conditioners. An innovative Japanese technology marvel, SideSmart is world’s first side throw model with a single module of 18 HP, and with modular combination up to 72 HP. SideSmart is a heat pump type (-20°C to 52°C), created for delivering exceptional performance in all seasons. Its slim design, space saving footprint, easy installation, energy saving operation, high efficiency at full & part load, smart back up operation that keeps the system running in case of failure in a combination module and long distance piping connection between outdoor & indoor unit makes SideSmart a true air conditioning solution and a preferred choice of HVAC professionals, architects and end-users ranging from premium residences, schools, gyms, retail showrooms, health spas, hotels, restaurants, hospitals and high-rise buildings.

The latest slim modular SideSmart side throw VRF model is unique in design and built with technologies such as Hitachi’s large capacity DC inverter scroll compressor with 0.1Hz precision control, big capacity accumulator, new fin shaped heat exchangers used in Tandem Sub-Cooling system, new fan design, fan outlet structure and smart-looking front grille, which visually blends with the outdoor environment as it is based on Hitachi Cooling & Heating’s Duality design philosophy. SideSmart VRF side throw outdoor unit can connect up to 130% indoor capacity.

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