LS Metal is providing a vision of hope in the metal working field. In the field of copper tube, the company produces high quality copper tubes using the horizontal continuous casting and rolling process. Through full use of advanced techniques and research, LS Metal produces the finest copper tubes such as Thin Wall Tube and Inner Grooved Tube with 70 years’ worth of know-how and the highest quality copper tubing equipment.

LS Metal offers oxygen-free copper tube and pipe characterised in 99.99 per cent pure copper. So, it features its purity, corrosion resistance, and processability. LS Metal ensures a high yield rate, productivity, and stable quality with the casting and rolling process (C&R) which the company developed for the first time in the world. By retaining core manufacturing technology of Thin Wall Tube and Inner Grooved Tube based on its consistent quality and high technology, the company puts its competitiveness forward. Also, LS Metal advances the air conditioning market by developing and manufacturing IHF and recognised and respected by customers not only in the domestic market, but also in Japanese market where it is very particular regarding quality control.

LS Metal also produces oxygen-free copper tube and pipe that is excellent in electric conductivity and supplies materials for coaxial cable that is used for the base station of mobile telecommunication. LS Metal is receiving an exceptional reputation worldwide with outstanding technology, supreme quality, and stable supply capacity. LS Metal produces Inner Grooved Tube, Level Wound Coil, Pancake Coil and Straight Tubes.