Gandhi Automations presents the multi composite high-performance door PRIME NEO for clean environments.

Complete Washable, Greater Sealing and Pressure Resistant.

When it comes to pharmaceutical facilities and laboratories, clean rooms’ hygiene and protection from environmental contamination are the most important factors to consider. Gandhi Automations’ PRIME NEO High Speed Doors are designed to provide superior sealing and resistance to pressure differences for Clean Rooms. And the added advantage is, it is absolutely washable.

PRIME NEO High Speed Doors assures:

Minimized Contamination:

The reinforced polymer material is smooth surfaced and joint-free. The door structure has been designed with full accessibility for water cleaning. Contamination risks are very minimum making it fully compliant with the requirements of clean environments.

Just-in-time Opening Cycle:

Its smart design and German technology, makes no delay in operation. Opening & closing in time reduces exposure time to a minimum, resulting reduction in energy cost and risks of airborne contamination.

Sealing and Resistance to Pressure Differences:

The door has a flexible curtain with horizontal FRP stiffeners guided in vertical guides. Pressure is evenly distributed over the whole curtain, pushing it against the guides giving a perfect sealing. This design allows the door to operate even under pressure differences up to 50 Pa for a controlled room environment.


PRIME NEO reduces the risk of accidents and damage. The free, flexible and soft bottom edge minimises hitting impact. The radar detector and inbuilt photocells reopen the door at the slightest impact.


The transparent material allows people to see coming traffic. Long term transparency is assured, as the material is anti-fatigue PVC fabric.

Multi Composite Structure:

The toughness of the side guides and their ability to absorb an impact avoid high repair costs. PRIME NEO is anti-corrosion and paint free, that ensures durability in corrosive and aggressive environments.


The door is equipped with auto reset technology. In case of an accidental crash, the curtain sets itself again. This unique system avoids time loss and reduces the risk of high repair costs.

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