Image credit: ehpa

After 17 years leading the European Heat Pump Association (EHPA), the voice of the European heat pump sector in Brussels, Secretary General Thomas Nowak has announced that he will step down in the coming months.

Over time, he has developed the association from a ‘one man band’ to a vibrant and energetic team of nearly 25 staff members. Membership has grown from a few dozen to more than 200 organisations. EHPA connects the heat pump sector to policy-makers and politicians on the European and international levels via its advocacy, communications, projects, events and work on certification.

Since 2006, the heat pump industry has grown from sales of 500,000 units in Europe, to 3 million last year. Heat pumps are now providing clean heating and cooling to nearly 16% of Europe’s buildings, as well as to industry and district heating networks.

Recollecting his successful tenure, Thomas Nowak, said,  “The sector has gone from a minnow to a big fish on my watch. Heat pumps are now recognised at all levels of society as critical to decarbonising buildings and industry and helping secure Europe’s energy independence. I am so glad to have contributed to this, and I’m proud of the thriving association – with an excellent secretariat team, a strong board and a growing membership and network – that I set up and nurtured.

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