In 2021, SPX Cooling Technologies Inc. has released details of its expanded MH Fluid Cooler line. The line has been designed to meet an even more diverse range of applications. The MH Fluid Cooler is now available with three coil materials, each delivering its own advantages.

Utilizing a combination of evaporative fill media and prime surface coil(s), the MH Fluid Cooler offers significantly improved performance over conventional non-hybrid closed circuit coolers. This cooler incorporates the thermal advantages of copper coils with the combined higher efficiency of a cooling tower and a heat exchanger.

The Marley MH Fluid Cooler is one of the most efficient closed-circuit systems in its class and well suited for both HVAC and industrial applications supporting: Water source heat pump, Water cooled VRF (Variable Refrigerant Flow), Data centre cooling, Industrial air compressor cooling, Injection mould cooling and Machine jacket cooling. Its hybrid design and high efficiency components deliver consistent, reliable cooling with low input power. With higher capacity per footprint than conventional closed circuit designs, the MH Fluid Cooler is a great fit for applications with space limitations.

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