Testo India being a silver partner for Acrex 2020, had a stall at India’s biggest HVACR show – Acrex India 2020 at India Expo Mart, Greater Noida between 27th to 29th February and displayed the wide product basket catering to the HVACR segment. This time the entire stall was dedicated to the theme of a sustainable future and the elements depicting the message of sustainability.

Testo featured several products such as electrical instruments which are very distinct and unique in their features, refrigeration manifolds or analyzers, digital vacuum gauges and electronic leakage detectors. Testo Smart Probes were also a major highlight of the show that -equips the users with smart and easy measurement techniques using the smartphone interface. Then there was testo 420 air capture hood, for measuring the air volume flow even at the turbulent inlets/ outlets. Testo also showcased the revolutionized measurement technology with products like testo 440, and testo 400 intuitive air velocity and IEQ measuring instrument which is the universal measuring instrument for all airflow and IEQ applications. All these products are probably the best-suited tool for HVAC consultants, contractors, advisors, building surveyors, facility managers etc.

The exhibition was marked with a special segment of expert presentations where experts from Testo and other organisations from the industry conducted presentation sessions on several relevant topics of HVAC.

Another highlight and probably the most necessary initiative that was implemented on Testo stall was the mounting of Thermal Imager – testo 890 for fever detection. The threat of Corona virus and its effect continues to grow, and the primary symptom indicates a fever. Testo India, in its high-end Thermal Imager – testo 890, has a special feature of fever detection. If higher body temperature is detected through the camera, then an alarm is triggered indicating immediate medical attention required for the person under-scan. The instrument was mounted at the stall to conduct a live scan of the visitors and ensure safety for all. Prime motto to install this camera was to increase awareness among people and share knowledge about the precautionary procedure of thermal inspection Testo India also had an interesting fun zone for visitors with the concept of thermography. In the facility management area thermal inspections are used for two main applications i.e. moisture detection and leak detection and that was the concept of the game where visitors were asked to draw images on a whiteboard using ice cubes, while others identified the image using a thermal imager. Since the camera works on the principal of thermal profiles hence, it could easily show the drawing that was made. It became an instant hit and people enjoyed participating in the game.

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