A typical High-Performance Door enables a fast and safe access to vehicles, materials and employees at your establishment. The food sector is placed second to pharmaceuticals in adherence to food and safety regulations. Food sector always has to be vigilant of contamination due to multiple causes such as Air inflow, Personal Hygiene, Equipment Hygiene, wash-down properties, etc. Hence, this sector strives to invest into the products that are technologically advanced to meet the perquisites imposed both by the security and hygiene.

Prime Food High-Speed Doors offer great speed, versatility and security valuing the safety and hygiene regulations imposed by the authorities such as FDA. This door design has innovative curtain edge that firmly holds the curtain into the side guides. If impacted, the curtain will release from the side guide and automatically reset on the next door cycle as there are no metal parts within the curtain design.

The wash-down is imperative in food-processing facilities to maintain hygiene. The processing section of a food plant may need a thorough wash-down; the type of wash-down will depend on the type of food processed. We provide durable stainless steel guides especially for wash-down applications as cast iron and aluminium corrode in wash-down environments. The Door curtain is made of PVC and is compatible for wash-down, FDA approved Polyethylene guides can also be supplied on request.

High-Speed Food Doors are self-repairing and offer tight sealing that is ideal to prevent contamination, maintain strict hygiene under controlled temperature environment. Self-repairing doors aid in minimizing downtime to none as they reset automatically in an event of accident to perform the seamless operation.

At Gandhi Automations, we strive to provide sustainable solutions that do not only emphasize on durability and long life but also the safety of material and people. These doors are apt for operation and installation at food logistics, food processing, food warehousing and food retail industry.

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