Top HVACR Products 2019 | HVACR, HVAC
Top HVACR Products 2019 | HVACR, HVAC

Smart Belimo Energy Valve for Coil Energy Measurement

Belimo Energy Valve is an Internet of Things (IoT) device – a smart connected pressure-independent valve that measures and manages coil energy consumption by utilising an embedded flow meter, along with supply and return water temperature sensors. The valve also has power control and Delta T Manager logics built-in that monitor coil performance and optimise the heat transfer of the coil by maintaining the Delta T.

Belimo Energy Valve


  • Optimisation of Delta T and Flow Settings: Cloud Analytics offers recommended Delta T settings by Belimo experts for efficient operation. System performance and stability are improved.
  • Performance Report: Belimo Cloud Reporting permits a complete overview of the current and previous performance data such as flows, energy consumption, power requirements and Delta T.
  • Lifetime Data Access: The Belimo Cloud stores the entire history of the Belimo Energy Valve and its operating data in one location. The online database forms the basis for future operation optimisation.


Belimo Energy Valve finds applications in chillers, AHUs, FCUs and TFA.

Market Potential

The company envisages a growing demand for technology-based products where customers look at newer ways to enhance energy savings and achieving the conditions at optimum levels.

Testo Smart Probes for on-site data recording

Testo has been one of the market leaders in testing and measurement equipment, especially, providing a wide range of smart HVACR products that equip the users with smart and easy measurement techniques using the smartphone interface.

TestoSmart Probes are small pocket-sized intuitive measuring instrument that are best suited for on-site data recording and report generation on smartphones. Testo 420 air capture hood for measuring the air volume flow has made the measurements easier even at the turbulent inlets or outlets. Testo has a range of electronic refrigeration manifolds or analysers that not only helps to measure pressure but also calculates accurately the sub-cooling and superheating temperatures based on the refrigerants selected. Testo also has digital vacuum measuring instrument like testo 552 for the evacuation of refrigeration or air conditioning systems and heat pumps. Testo 440, intuitive air velocity and IAQ measuring instrument can carry out measuring tasks on air conditioning and ventilation systems.

The new testo 400 is the universal measuring instrument for all air flow and IAQ applications, and impresses with smart technology.

Testo 400


  • The universal testo 400 is not just smarter, faster and better – it is also seamlessly integrated into Testo’s comprehensive IAQ range.
  • It not only records or displays the data but even assists in report generation, measurement process and record live measurement images.
  • The range of probes for the new measuring instrument is among the broadest on the market which is compatible with a wide selection of Bluetooth and wired probes, as well as testo Smart Probes and testo 440 probes.
  • Can measure °C, %RH, CO, CO2, m/s, Lux, hPa.
  • 5-inch HD touch display with 1280 x 720 px resolution.
  • Convenient smart touch operation with front and rear camera to capture live images.
  • Intelligent calibration concept with HD graphic display.
  • HVAC grid measurement in accordance with EN ISO 12599 and ASHRAE 111.


Testo 400 find its application in almost all IAQ and air velocity measurements in the field of air conditioning and ventilation. Air flow measurements can be conducted in the ventilation ducts, at air outlets and on filters. Measurements in laboratories and cleanrooms is yet another application where testo 400 can be used for flow measurements in fume cupboards, differential pressure measurements and laminar flow measurements in cleanrooms, humidity measurements in cleanrooms etc.

Market Potential

Testo 400 is probably the best suited product for HVAC consultants, contractors, advisors, building surveyors and etc who work in precision and comfort level monitoring in large working areas.

Dry All introduces world’s first trailblazing technology

Dry All’s understanding of products like oil separators, accumulators, receiver, filter driers, heat exchangers etc has helped to introduce the world’s first trailblazing technology ‘Filter Driers with Fluorescent Dye’. This technology has helped HVACR OEMs and contractors to detect the exact source of refrigeration leak. Tracer Wafer (TW) (manufactured by Spectroline-USA) charged with fluorescent dye is placed along with the desiccant. When the system starts and the TW meets refrigerant and oil, the dye in the wafer is released and circulates with the refrigerant. In case of a leak, dye escapes leaving a mark at the point of the leak. The exact point of a leak is easily visible under a UV light through yellow glasses. This dye is compatible with all refrigerants and oil.

Filter driers with fluorescent dye


  • Quickly finds the exact source of small, multiple and intermittent leaks in HVACR system.
  • Ideal for preventive maintenance and diagnostics.
  • This method saves labour, money and downtime.
  • Conserves expensive refrigerant and fluids.


The technology can be used in all HVACR system including air conditioning, refrigeration, chiller, heat pumps etc.

Market Potential

This technology has a potential to be a game changer in the HVACR industry and can replace all other conventional filter drier technologies being currently used.

Embraco’s FMX technology for refrigerators

Embraco solutions that are differentiated by low energy consumption and allow natural refrigerants usage are focused on energy efficiency.Embraco envisages a huge potential market to its variable speed technology – FMX – for household fridges in India. FMX is one of the solutions with variable speed (inverter technology) that is delivering those features, besides being a bugless solution, a very relevant feature in India. It is a compact product for commercial and household refrigerators that allows natural refrigerant (R600a, isobutane) which has been certified and approved by VDE Institute with a 25-year lifetime.

For commercial, Embraco is presenting FMF line up, the most efficient compressors for the commercial segment available in its capacity range, which has the potential to reduce energy consumption by up to 30 percent when compared to traditional solutions available in the market and is ideal for light commercial applications such as reach-ins and supermarket islands.

FMX – Technology


  • The FMF portfolio is present in markets all over the world.
  • More convenience to the consumer through variable speed technology.
  • Ideal food and beverage as requisite temperatures are quickly attained, providing fresher food.
  • FMF line-up can reach a share in Indian commercial segment in applications such as reach in, glass door merchandiser, bottle cooler and refrigerated islands.


Embraco also bets in large formats portfolio, such as scroll solution, developed for milk coolers and cold rooms in the supermarkets, convenience stores, restaurants, bakeries and hotels. It’s a new range of compressors for commercial refrigeration which offers excellent cooling performance, reliability and efficiency from 2 HP up to 13 HP applications. Compatible with multiple refrigerants (currently R134a, R404A, R449A and R452A), Scroll features a compact, lightweight and sound-insulated design and its tubes and connections are engineered to be compatible with the most popular scroll installations on the market.

DHL SmarTrucking for real-time visibility of temperature

DHL SmarTrucking Cold Chain integrates technology with trucking to provide world-class temperature-control capabilities and fast transit. With digital sensors for ‘Uniform Temperature Distribution Monitoring’, DHL SmarTrucking provides 24×7 real-time visibility of temperature and location. From pharmaceuticals to meat and poultry, Cold Chain SmarTrucks can transport a diverse range of products where non-contamination and zero degradation are the rules, and not the exception.

ColdChain SmarTrucks


  • 95 per cent on-time delivery assurance.
  • Up to 30 per cent reduction in transit times compared to traditional trucking.
  • Wide temperature range in the range of (-) 25C to (+) 25C.
  • Fully compliant with FSSAI (Food and Safety Standards Authority of India) standards for cold chain.
  • Emergency reefer power backup.
  • High security posture across highways including a quick response emergency team.
  • Anti-DEPS (damage, excess, pilferage, shortage) measures to safeguard the shipment.
  • Three digital sensors for 24×7 consignment temperature monitoring.
  • Provision for offline data logger to facilitate secure monitoring of shipment temperature and location by the customer.
  • Onboard diagnostics for preventive maintenance and driver monitoring.
  • Door sensors to maintain security of the cargo.
  • Fully validated container with thermal mapping and water leakage testing.
  • T-section flooring for uniform temperature distribution.
  • Herbal foam wash after every trip for maximum hygiene and non-contamination.
  • Strip curtains and hatch to maintain temperature and cargo integrity on multi-point deliveries.
  • Geo-mapping and route optimisation for efficient operations.
  • Driver training and temperature management certification by refrigeration partner.


DHL SmarTrucking ColdChain is equipped to handle products including frozen food, chilled food and beverages, processed or packaged food, active pharma ingredients, formulations, medication, therapeutic goods, biologics, medical components, life-saving drugs, fragile equipment, and gaseous equipment.

Market Potential

DHL SmarTrucking ColdChain provides panIndia refrigerated trucking solutions to businesses, offering the fastest transit times, ease of use and end-to-end consignment visibility. As a value partner, rather than a service provider, DHL SmarTrucking ColdChain helps businesses provide value to their customers by supporting their business vision and enabling them to concentrate on their core competencies.

CET Enviro’s ACCS & SBR

CET Enviro has introduced a range of innovative energy and water efficiency technologies that have been researched and developed in state of Israel for optimising and maintaining the heat transfer performance in large scale cooling systems such as water-cooled chillers, commercial HVAC, cooling tower, commercial buildings, industries, power plants, and oil and gas industries.

CET Enviro’s signature products include Automatic Condenser (Tube) Cleaning System (ACCS) and non-chemical treatment of cooling tower water Scale and Bio Remover (SBR).



  • ACCS is ball-based permanent on-line solution that uses unique hydro-mechanical cleaning system, which operates continuously to keep heat exchanger surfaces completely free from fouling. This helps to maintain the operating capacity and efficiency constantly at peak operating levels.As a result, the chiller works at its top performance.
  • This technology also helps to prevent the periodic shutdown as the ACCS keeps the chiller tubes clean 24X7.
  • ACCS extends the life of chiller and condenser by preventing corrosion without damaging the internal tubes. ACCS optimises heat transfer performance and reduces chiller electricity consumption by as much as 30 per cent.
  • SBR is a non-chemical-based treatment of cooling tower water. The innovative SBR deploys an electrolysis reaction to improve the quality of cooling tower water. SBR controls fouling, scaling and corrosion, while eliminating the use of chemicals. SBR can double or even triple the cycles of concentration (COC), thus, reducing the blow down by as much as 66 per cent by working at higher conductivity.
  • This system drastically saves water consumption in the cooling towers.
  • Both products are green and have an edge to save energy and natural resources without using chemicals. ACCS reduces electricity consumption by up to 30 per cent and SBR reduces water consumption by up to 66 per cent.


ACCS and SBR are designed for large scale cooling systems such as water-cooled chillers, commercial HVAC, cooling tower in commercial buildings, industries, power plants, oil and gas industries.

Market Potential

The growing need for energy and water saving initiatives for improving operational efficiency in large cooling system in commercial and industrial spaces drives the market for ACCS and non-chemical cooling tower treatment for SBR.

Extech IR320 for temperature diagnostic

Extech Instruments, a FLIR company, is one of the largest manufacturers of HVAC instruments. Extech has various instruments specifically for HVAC industry such as anemometers, borescopes, IAQ meters, environmental meters, electrical testers and many others. FLIR Test and Measurement instrument offers innovative selection of moisture meters, thermal imagers and test and measurement instruments for HVAC industry.

Extech IR320 is rugged, dual laser thermometer that can accurately measure temperature up to 650C. It is suitable for HVAC maintenance technicians and contractors for temperature diagnostic of HVAC and refrigeration systems, electrical and mechanical systems.

Compact environmental series Extech EN510, AN510 and RHT510 is specifically useful for HVAC and IAQ professionals. EN510 10-in-1 Environmental Meter that measures or calculates air velocity, air flow, air temperature, bead probe (Type K) temperature, heat index, humidity, wet bulb, dew point, wind-chill, and light level. This multi-function meter solves need for different instruments for single parameters. AN510 CFM or CMM Anemometer with Thermometer is 4-in-1 Anemometer that measures air velocity, air flow, air temperature and Type K Temperature. The AN510 helps HVACR technicians troubleshoot problems such as hot and cold spots in a residential or commercial space; pressure imbalances; leaky ducts with little to no airflow. RHT510 Hygro-Thermometer and Psychrometer measures relative humidity, temperature, dew point, and wet bulb. IAQ professionals can use dew points to target window condensation. Dew Point measurements are ideal for controlling indoor humidity.

New Extech moisture meter MO53 with integrated sensor and MO57 with external spherical sensor are pinless moisture meters. The MO57’s spherical probe design can be used to access deep into corners, under carpets, along ceilings and other difficult to reach locations.

Extech IR320


  • IR320 is made considering tough conditions on site. Even if the instrument falls from height it can withstand nearly 10 feet (3m) drop. IR320 comes with ingress protection rating of IP65 that makes it dust and water proof so that it can easily handle rainy outdoors and water intensive manufacturing processes.
  • New Extech moisture meter MO53 takes reading without damaging the surface with the depth of approximately less than 4” (100mm) in case of MO57 and approximatelyless than 0.75” (20mm) with MO53.


Extech IR320 is suitable for HVAC maintenance technicians and contractors for temperature diagnostic of HVAC and refrigeration systems.The new moisture meters can be used to measure moisture in wood (up to 99.9 per cent) as well as other building materials (MO57: 99.9 per cent; MO53: 56.5 per cent) such as wall board, sheetrock, plaster, mortar, concrete as well as tiles (using the MO57).

Self-repairable High-Speed Doors from Gandhi Automations

Gandhi Automations’ high-speed freezer doors enable energy and cost savings as well as optimised traffic flows, production and logistic activities. The company innovated the technology by creating High Speed Vertical doors that are self-repairable, fast, safe, reliable and a perfect solution for cold storage with negative temperatures to as low as (–) 22F.

High-Speed Freezer Duo not only helps maintain temperature but also ensures human safety. They have a revolutionary soft bottom edge and sensor combine to ensure operator safety at all times. These doors curated by Gandhi Automations are sturdy, dependable and an ideal fit for maintaining temperature control. To prevent ice formation during intensive cooling, the high-speed freezer duo doors have a functionality of partial and full opening. Its intelligent dual curtain technology – simultaneous openandclose operation has blower or dryer to maintain temperature balance.

Prime Freezer Doors


Gandhi Automations claims that their High-Speed Freezer Duo has industry’s highest operating speed, saves energy, increase refrigeration efficiency, reduce frost, save costs, extremely safe, long lifetime, conform to EN13241-1, and structure in stainless steel optional.


Prime Freeze High Speed Doors are a perfect solution where cold storage with negative temperatures to as low as (–) 30 C are required. High Speed Freezer Doors are the solution when temperature control is critical and where forklift traffic is high.

Market Potential

The industry is moving towards increasingly sophisticated entrance automation solutions like high speed doors, automated rolling shutters, loading bay solutions, sectional overhead doors etc. driven by demand from key user segments such as cold storage, pharmaceutical, food, poultry, dairy, horticulture, floriculture, construction, industrialisation etc. Gandhi Automations’ solutions cater to wide variety of customers ranging from large beverage manufacturing corporates to cold storages operating in retail markets, and every requirement is unique.

ABB’s ACH580 variable speed drives for comfortable climate

ABB’s energy-efficient ACH580 variable speed drives help ensure a comfortable indoor climate and fresh air.

ACH580 Variable Speed Drives


  • Provides comfort control with variable speed drives that ensure reliable and effortless operation of HVAC applications.
  • The new ACH580 series of variable frequency drives (VFDs) provide the quality, reliability, and energy savings, and are easy to use and safe to maintain. All you need to do is to set the drive up, and then focus on what counts.
  • Easy to select, install, commission and use. It has reliable connectivity with major automation and control systems having intuitive control panel with optional bluetooth capability for better accessibility.
  • Has optimised energy efficiency and wide availability and support.

Mitsubishi Electric Trane’s SLZ-KF 4-Way Ceiling Cassette

Mitsubishi Electric Trane HVAC US (METUS), a provider of Zoned Comfort Solutions and one of the leading suppliers of Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) heating and cooling systems, introduces the SLZ-KF Four-way Ceiling Cassette for residential installations.

The new SLZ-KF Four-way Ceiling Cassette, part of the M-Series product line from METUS, is designed to provide the utmost comfort to homeowners. Available in 9,000, 12,000, 15,000 and a newly introduced 18,000 BTUH size.


  • The unit offers flexible airflow with two, three or four-way vane control which allows homeowners to personalise their settings. If applied with the optional 3D i-see Sensor, the unit further customises heating and cooling through the sensor’s ability to read a room’s thermal profile to calculate the occupancy rate.
  • With the 3D i-see Sensor, direct and indirect airflow settings can be selected to offer 72 different combinations for vane direction and individual vane adjustment.
  • The SLZ-KF automatically adjusts conditioning based on the heat signatures detected in the space and can switch into setback mode when the room is unoccupied.
  • Monitoring a room’s occupancy results in even temperature distribution and a more energy-efficient operation for homeowners.
  • The SLZ-KF Four-way Ceiling Cassette has a Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) of over 19.8. This is well over the US minimum SEER requirement of 13 and can translate to cost savings on users’ heating and cooling bills.
  • Additionally, the SLZ-KF offers a Heating Seasonal Performance Factor (HSPF) rating of 11.2 or more, which is a marked improvement in energy-saving performance as compared to previous models.


Apart from promoting sustainability through energy efficiency, the ceiling cassette helps to better the environment within a home through improved indoor air quality and reduced operating noise. The SLZ-KF Four-way Ceiling Cassette includes an easy-to-clean washable air filter with multi-stage allergen filtration to reduce dust and debris circulation.

New polymer films conduct heat instead of trapping it

Polymers are usually the go-to material for thermal insulation. Think of a silicone oven mitt, or a Styrofoam coffee cup, both manufactured from polymer materials that are excellent at trapping heat.

Now MIT engineers have flipped the picture of the standard polymer insulator, by fabricating thin polymer films that conduct heat — an ability normally associated with metals. In experiments, they found the films, which are thinner than plastic wrap, conduct heat better than ceramics and many metals, including steel.

By mixing polymer powder in solution to generate a film that they then stretched, MIT researchers have changed polyethylene’s microstructure, from spaghetti-like clumps of molecular chains (left), to straighter strands (right), allowing heat to conduct through the polymer, better than most metals.

The team’s results may spur the development of polymer insulators as lightweight, flexible, and corrosion-resistant alternatives to traditional metal heat conductors, for applications ranging from heat dissipating materials in laptops and cellphones, to cooling elements in cars and refrigerators.

“We think this result is a step to stimulate the field,” says Gang Chen, the Carl Richard Soderberg Professor of Power Engineering at MIT, and a senior co-author on the paper. “Our bigger vision is, these properties of polymers can create new applications and perhaps new industries, and may replace metals as heat exchangers.”

Schneider Electric’s EcoStruxure Building Operation

EcoStruxure Building Operation (formerly SmartStruxure) is an open building management platform that integrates multiple systems for centralised, real-time control and management across one to many enterprise buildings.

EcoStruxure Building Operation delivers the actionable insights needed to better manage and optimise buildings, improve engineering efficiency, and meet increased cybersecurity and compliance needs.


  • Native, open standards protocols for interoperability.
  • Engineering efficient architecture.
  • Integrate electrical, life safety and other equipment.
  • Customised alarms and alerts.
  • Dashboards and applications for energy management, trending, scheduling, equipment, reporting, FDD and more.
  • User friendly navigation and customisation.
  • Centralised management of building portfolio.


  • Multi-system integration platform
  • HVAC Control
  • Lighting Control
  • Power Monitoring
  • Energy Management
  • Curtailment
  • Equipment alarms and alerts
  • Real-time Analytics and Reporting
  • Benchmarking.

(Disclaimer: This list is not exhaustive and only includes some of the recent solutions)