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VTS launches new generation of ducted AHUs

VTS has launched a new generation of ducted air handling units – VENTUS S-type (SVS).

The most important advantages of the new VENTUS S-type units are:

  • Optimisation of the unite size to the installation parameters – series of 5 sizes with efficiency from to 900 CFM to 5600 CFM.
  • Competitive height – one of the lowest on the market
  • Excellent work parameters – energy-saving and performance flexibility
  • Wide range of work and parameter adjustments
  • Trouble-free and practically maintenance-free operation of fans
  • High durability and tightness of the structure
  • 40mm, double skin casing
  • Excellent anti-corrosion protection.
AC motor
EC motor

The new SVS units are characterised by such technical solutions as:

1)   Fan sets of PLUG type: VENTUS S-type has equipped in PLUG type fans with direct drive are used. The fan sets in the new SVS units are available with AC and EC motors. AC motors are manufactured as standard with class F winding insulation, which ensures its trouble-free operation when supplied from VFDs. EC motors are PM (Permanent Magnet) motors, differ from classic asynchronous AC ones mainly by their higher energy performance, especially, when running at wide range of revolutions. The EC motor requires a 0-10V or ModBus control signal.

2)   Air coolers and air filter: In VENTUS S-type, units are available water heat exchangers, as well as DX heat exchangers designed to work with refrigerants commonly met on the market. In the range of available air cooler options, 4 and 6 rows coil are available for chilled water and DX coils. The whole device is protected by the section air filter of EU4 class, removable from the outside.

3)   The casing: The casing is made of a 40 mm thick PUF panel coated on both sides with galvanised sheet metal. What distinguishes it is excellent tightness and rigidity with very high corrosion resistance and perfect thermal insulation.

4)   Inspection panels: The AHU has functional inspection panels. Their biggest advantage is that they are normally mounted on both sides of the unit. Each panel is equipped with handles and hinges ensuring their safe and easy use.

Watch the movie below:

For more info, please contact at sales-india@vtsgroup.com

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