A view of the Wolter Koops’ fleet…

The European service provider in temperature-controlled transport and logistics, Wolter Koops has recently upgraded its fleet with 300 new Advancer A-400 units from Thermo King, a brand of Trane Technologies.

Headquartered in the Netherlands since 1961 and with offices in Germany and Poland, with a large fleet of conditioned trailers, Wolter Koops provides integrated fresh and frozen cold chain logistic services encompassing transport, distribution, crossdocking and warehousing. The new Advancer fleet will help ensure that the food, dairy, flowers, plants, meat, fruit and vegetables moved by Wolter Koops across Europe will remain safe and in prime condition throughout the journey.

Commenting on the development, Wolter Koops Jr., Owner of the company, informed, “Reliability of equipment is of the utmost importance for transport of time-critical products. We constantly invest in our fleet, equipping our vehicles with the latest technology that can increase the safety, fuel efficiency and performance of our vehicles. We have worked with Thermo King since we started in the temperature control transport and we have been impressed with the innovation they brought in with Advancer. The unit’s advantages in fuel economy, performance and intelligence will help us do our job better and more efficiently. As we have our own team of maintenance specialists to ensure our fleet is in top condition, Advancer’s increased serviceability and longer maintenance intervals have also been a great proposition for our business.”

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