6g Cool
Image Credit: 6GCool

6GCool, a clean air company from Finland has launched portable high tech air purifier that fits in your pocket. The 6GCool Mobile Air Purifier delivers clean air amidst the current air catastrophes of 2020 and beyond. The 6GCool can purify the air from viruses, smoke, bacteria, dust and allergens.

Eppu Mäkipää, Founder, 6GCool explained: “We saw the urgent need for a portable clean air solution and decided to act fast. We took the technology of the leading large air purifiers and scaled it down to the size of a smartphone.” 6GCool uses globally patented 6G filtration technology, combining industry-standard HEPA filtration with state-of-art PECO technology, achieving outstanding purification results.  

The innovation is simple yet radical: the 6GCool creates a personal clean air zone anywhere you go. Instead of using energy to clean large ambient spaces, the 6GCool delivers fresh air where it is needed, making it a sustainable and environmentally-friendly choice. 6GCool cleans over 99% of common air pollutants at a 100X.

6GCool has been independently tested in multiple laboratories with excellent results and has enrolled in testing with globally renowned labs in Europe and Asia to run the 6G technology through the most rigorous testing protocols.