The water chain (water reserve, production, distribution, consumption, collection and treatment of waste water) play primary role of the urban system, influence all pillars of the urban society and its functionality, sustaining populations, generating energy, supporting tourism and recreational activities, ensuring environmental and human health, and fuelling local economic development. Such increasing convergence fosters urban growth, as more than half of the world’s population currently resides in urban areas.

Smart Water Management is close loop of water resource development and environmental protection, and it also requires proper management of the demand for public services. Subsequently, civic water management must ensure access to water and sanitation infrastructure and services, manage rain, waste and storm water as well as runoff pollution, mitigate against floods, droughts and water borne diseases, while at the same time safeguarding the resource from degradation.

In today’s integrated global economy, innovations in Engineering have created a valuable opportunity to address these water challenges within cities, whilst improving urban water management.

Recognising the challenges faced by the water sector, stakeholders from academia, corporations and the engineering sector have developed water intelligence tools to improve global water issues.

The role played by smart water systems in optimising the efficiency, effectiveness and flexibility of water and wastewater infrastructure assets and their management constitutes a topic of increasing attention.

Smart water management technologies are currently applied to many different areas of water management.

Major tasks for smart sensor networks in water quality monitoring include the following:

  • Identify and characterise changes in existing surface water quality over time.
  • Collect information to design in a timely manner to allow quick response to problems.
  • Determine agreement with pollution regulations or implementation of effective pollution control actions.
  • Integrating smart pipes and sensors within the urban system enables key functions such as the detection of events based on the monitoring of flow rate, pipe pressure, stagnant points, slow-flow sections, pipe leakage, backflow, and water quality to be monitored, which constitute data needed to optimise the operation of current networks.

Advance Smart Energy Enhancer-4M

100% ideal as well as cost effective solution does not exist in the world, so why we should not adopt Eco- Friendly Technology with Fit & Forget Solution.

“Advance Smart Energy Enhancer-4M” is a Micro Controller-based Electronic and Electrical Device. It contains multiple technologies in one single device for physical water treatment system for all purposes.

  • With the help of Advance Smart Energy Enhancer there are ample opportunities to increase Energy Efficiency.
  • With very little one time investment & retrofitting gives 80-90% improvement in your routine water consumption and maintenance with or without expensive softener plant.
  • Makes Smart & Green HVAC & Refrigeration system.

Ecofriendly system because it indirectly reduces wastage of water

  • Reduce rate of cleaning or replacing filters in heat pumps & membranes in R.O. system.
  • Reduce rate of Chemical Dosage in Cooling Tower, Water softener in Swimming pool.
  • Reduce Maintenance due to improved water quality used in industries for various applications like Heating, Cooling, Cleaning, Steam generation, Heat pump, Feed water pump and many more applications.
  • Improve Health of Human, Cattle, Chickens as well as Luxuries Equipments Capital cost in Buildings.
  • Reduce Maintenance as well as routine cost spent in Resort, Spa and Hotels (i.e., Kitchen, Laundry, Toilet blocks, Gardens, Swimming pool, solar heater Elements, PNG Consumption and Waste Disposal plant).
  • Beneficial for obtaining Green point rating in All Five Star Hotels/ Luxurious Hotels through Smart E-Water Management System.
  • Save Money, Manpower & Machine.
  • Reduce Routine Maintenance up to 60-70% in esteemed resorts, hotels and industries.
  • Solve hard water problem with very little one time investment for life time.

About performance

Innovative, Green and Eco-friendly Products for your Esteemed, Industries, Resort, Hotels for Getting Green Point Rating and Reduce your Maintenance due to water in Various Process involved with All Industries. Energy Enhancer gives Double benefits i.e., Combined Effect of Electronics Descaler & conventional water softeners; after just 2-3 months observation you feel water quality improved day by day.

Source: Hauser (2012)

Water preserves its natural healthy minerals. Unattractive stains on basins, wash bowls and sanitary ware will be very easily wiped away with less effort.

  • Hot water system will heat up faster.
  • Reduce drastically in the rate of blocking pipes and shower heads.
  • Dishwashers, washing machines, kettles and other water fed appliances operate efficiently.
  • Soap and detergents produce less scum and work more effectively.
  • Clothes retain softness and colour.

Advance method

  • TDS measurement and reduction is not an actual parameter for above all problems, so by reducing TDS with softener plants not fulfilled your maintenance problems and energy efficiency problems and also increases wastage of water – not considered as an “Eco-friendly” system.
  • If we use-Maintenance Free “ Advance Smart Energy Enhancer-4M,” which convert high quality water same as soft water without changing its chemical composition but converting its physical property and breaks CaCo3 and makes them neutral, and diminishes its adhesive property, which are the main causes of deterioration of water quality and creates lots of problems, this device gives feeling of soft water, very cost effective solution for making quality water and saves lots of running expenses in day to day routine water requirement.
  • 30-40 % Less Detergent/ Soap /Powder consumption for cleaning & creating more foam with less water. Reduces routine expenses (i.e., need less make up water indirectly saving electricity spent for running submersible motor pump (30 minutes instead of 60 minutes to fill water tank, saves energy, saves environment by reducing waste water )
  • Gives extra Silky Feeling of Clothes and Maintain Original Quality of Fabrics, Original Natural Shinning of Cotton and Fabrics, Increase life of Curtain, Bed sheets, Towels, Uniforms of Chef’s and servants as well as guest or customers’ clothes in luxuries hotels and hostels and international schools.
  • Moreover, your washing machines or laundry for hotel or hostel also work with high efficiency because of scale free high quality water so jamming or cogging of shaft in washing machine is common problems after 2-3 years will also reduce drastically, ultimately it becomes maintenance free and saves indirectly energy as well as environment.
  • “Advance Smart Energy Enhancer” is a Green & Eco friendly Smart way to get rid of lime scales in water pipelines. Newly developed technology eliminates scales in pipelines effectively. Powerful Advance Smart and Combination of Technologies gives almost six times more effect than available all models of electro-magnetic water conditioner in local or international markets.
  • “Advance Smart-Energy Enhancer” is world’s most powerful. No chemicals are used and it is maintenance free – 20 + years of Device Life.
  • This Innovative Device removes scales by natural process step by step and reduce rate of formation of new scale buildup in your machines.

The product is superior over traditional methods. How?

  • Ion-Exchange – Limitations of this method is: you have to maintain systems with
    i) Exchange Resins and
    ii) Salt – Needs lots of running expenses and increased salt level in water leads lots of
  • Health Related Dieseases not suitable for Heart Patient.
  • Phosphates – Limitations of this method is: you have to maintain system with Poly-phosphate crystals – Needs lots of running expenses.
  • Permanent Magnets – Limitations about the results – Few customers are satisfied and few are not sure about results not effective for Changing Property of water Hardness and Higher TDS .
  • Advance Electronics & Magnetic based De-scaling technology
  • Advantages are manifold but still take more time 6 to 8 Months for cleaning your all old systems:
  • With Energy Enhancer: Same effect will observe within 45-60 days and six times more powerful than all conventional devices because of geographic location, and site specific customize design and one can change its parameters under expert guidance with frequently changing hardness year by year, so one device works for entire life.

What are the common benefits observed after installing “Advance Smart Energy Enhancer -4 M”

  • Reduced energy consumption to Generate Steam & Warm the pool with Fresh water.
  • Filter /Membrane Life Increase up to 60%.
  • Reduce the use of chlorine dosage up to at least 35%.
  • Reduce turbidity even with reduced need for filter cleans.
  • Softener Plant refilling Maintenance reduces up to 70%.
  • Remove scum deposits from the pool edge.
  • Maintain stainless steel fittings to their original condition.
  • Remove lime scale and later bacteria from within the swimming pool plant.
  • Reduced need for chemicals to maintain pH balance.
  • Additional savings in energy, chemicals and water are possible.
  • TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) levels can be maintained at a higher level than usual if calcium is no longer precipitating out as scale. Therefore, periods between back-washing filters can be extended, subsequent in less water and chemicals being emptied down the drain.
  • Reduce maintenance in water fountain Jet, Jacuzzi should be cleaned at regular interval for its effective patterns.

In five star hotels kitchen, laundry and solar heater or any water heater bath rooms and water heaters

  • No Hotel or resort Luxuries Bungalows and Villas found without expensive state of the art Swimming Pool, Luxurious Bathroom, Bathtub, Expensive Glamour’s Shower and Taps, Neat and Clean stain free and Germ free Toilet Blocks.
  • most common problem in all hotels and resorts are due to hard water all utility equipment’s needs regular cleaning with acidic treatment or any other cleaning chemicals otherwise white spot and lime scale layer spoil its pleasant exterior.Additionally, acidic treatment reduces device life’s and it is not a green, Eco friendly and desirable methods.
  • For heating or warm up of swimming pool needs heaters, because of hard water boiling time increases as well as heating element also corrode or if one can use solar water heater then also inside the tank heat exchanger coil will also get damaged due to corrosion and scaling after 3-5 years. That means reinvestment in capital equipment without using its exact life span.
  • With Energy Enhancers, above all sectors save lots of running expenses spent behind softener plant, refilling of salt and resin and descaling acidic treatment for routine cleaning of kitchen ware indirectly saves water, energy and environment also.

In laundry / washing machine

  • In well reputed hotels and resorts for cleaning and disinfection of clothes needs lots of hot water.
  • Engineering departments or utility department used conventional methods like bore well water after that installed water softener plant for converting hard water in to soft water and passed through boiler and convert in to super saturated steam for cleaning.

Disadvantages are

  • Lots of running expenses and maintenance for refilling of resin or salt with regular interval.
  • In boiler due to hard water scale deposited inside water tubes, which reduces heat transfer capacity, because of lime scale layer formation, which acts like an insulating layer and increase fuel consumptions and need more time to heat up & feed water to boiler.

If you use Advance Smart Energy Enhancer – an electronics & micro-controller based technology, advantages are manifold

  • Guaranteed satisfaction on performance.
  • No use of chemicals – running expenses saved.
  • “FIT & FORGET”- Maintenance-free device.
  • Life: approx-20+ years


Adopt Smart Technology with Existing Water Purification Methods, 100% perfect technology does not exist in any Engineering Field, implements new technology for your application, bypass your conventional methods and observ if you achieve minimum 60-80% saving in maintenance cost & efficiency increases 10-20%, then also it is worthwhile because it leads to big savings in routine water consumption.

Save water, save environment and reduce wastage of water.

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