Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration (HVACR) sector has gained prominence due to the Indian government’s thrust on the development of infrastructure.

HVACR industry has been witnessing remarkable growth due to burgeoning urbanisation, rising disposable income of people, development of modern urban transportation like metro rails, commercial as well as residential realty sector etc.

According to Techsci report, the HVAC market in India is expected to reach USD 3.97 billion by 2019. Moreover, with anticipated growth in FDI (Foreign Direct Investment), several international players are expected to enter and start operations in the Indian retail market. The Indian HVAC market is projected to surpass USD 7.7 billion by 2022, on account of rising need for energy efficient HVAC systems, and growing replacement demand for HVAC systems.

The stock of room ACs has skyrocketed from four million units in 2014 to approximately 30 million in 2017, with 2017 AC sales at around 5.5 million units. Room AC sales are projected to continue their rapid rise, with an installed stock of between 55 and 124 million units by 2030, informs Avinash Khemka, Chief Manager HVAC, International Copper Association India.

ACREX India 2019, India’s biggest event on HVACR, brings together the entire gamut of HVACR industry in order to tap this growth opportunity and raise the industry’s concerns. This amalgamation provides a platform to network and interact with like-minded professionals and decision makers, engaging in thought-provoking discussions. ACREX India 2019 will showcase latest products, technology, solutions, and offerings across various segments in components and services, ventilation, air-conditioning, clean rooms, indoor air quality (IAQ) and building automation for national as well as international audience.

“We continue our patronage to this event. What gives a fillip to our participation is that it is going to happen in Mumbai from February 28 to March 2. We are very excited to be part of this mega event,” states B Venkatesh, Global Head, Absorption Cooling Business, Thermax Limited.

With rapid developments taking place in India, especially, in the western region, in terms of infrastructural developments, we are hopeful that our participation in this exhibition will serve as a medium for us to reach out to this market, create brand awareness, and yield better results in time to come, informs Dinesh Semwal, Managing Director, Ensavior Technologies.

Being a key event for Sekesui Foam International, Rajesh Baliga, National Sales and Marketing Manager informs, “We do showcase our product to a large HVACR segment through this event regularly. This year the event being held in Mumbai is also a special event as the Western region is a key region for our organisation.”

The 20th edition of ACREX India 2019, the flagship event of the ISHRAE (Indian Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air Conditioning Engineers) and co-organised by NürnbergMesse India will witness a string of workshops and technical seminars, enhancing knowledge of the visitors.

It provides Gandhi Automations an ideal platform for the exchange of ideas among professionals and the opportunity to highlight the latest products, trends and innovations in the industry. Special focus is on products and services for energy efficiency and saving, states Kartik Gandhi, Director, Gandhi Automations.

ACREX India 2019 programs will highlight energy efficiency, healthy buildings, indoor air quality, refrigerants, IoT apart from engaging sessions from International Associations – USGBC, REHVA, CEEW, AAR, IAQA and ASHRAE.

Here’s a sneak preview of the advanced technologies and products to be displayed at ACREX India 2019.

Embraco to Present Fullmotion Inverter Technology

Embraco is a global player in the refrigeration company that promotes quality of life through innovative cooling solutions that promotes quality of life through innovative cooling solutions. Embraco is participating in ACREX India 2019 and its focus would be on promoting its new products focusing on food retail, food services and merchandisers to connect with the value that the company is providing to the end user.

Embraco will display the new generation of inverter technology (Fullmotion), such as FMFD, the most efficient compressors for commercial segment available in its capacity range, and as FMX, a compact product that provides more internal space in small refrigerators and allows natural refrigerant R600a (isobutane) usage.

The Fullmotion technology present in markets all over the world, brings more convenience to the consumer through the variable speed technology, the ideal temperature for food and beverage are quickly attained, providing more fresher food.

FMF line-up

The Indian Government has been encouraging the refrigeration industry to develop even more sustainable solutions, and we are aligned with this objective, as we have implemented natural refrigerant usage for the past 25 years. The solutions that Embraco has been offering to this market meet the increasing demand of the government and the Indian population for solutions capable of providing a better quality of life. In this sense, we believe that natural refrigerants are the most compliant way to fulfill population and customer’s interests, informs Guilherme Almeida, Marketing and Strategic Planning Director, Embraco.

In addition to the new launches, Embraco is still one of the leaders of R134a market, delivering reliable and robust solution focused in India, including wide-voltage range compressors.

Ensavior to display Electrolytic Scale Remover

Ensavior Technologies provides comprehensive engineering solutions in design, engineering, sales, marketing, operation and maintenance of various product and systems for building services industry pertaining to the field of HVAC.

Electrolytic Scale Remover

Ensavior will showcase its latest products and services, meet and interact with like-minded professionals and engage in thought-provoking discussions that are of utmost relevance for the industry in the Indian context at ACREX India 2019 exhibition.

Ensavior will display a new product Electrolytic Scale Remover that is an electrochemical cooling tower water treatment system that removes scale by electrolytic operation without adding chemicals (zero chemical), informs Dinesh Semwal, Managing Director, Ensavior Technologies.

Features of Electrolytic Scale Remover

  • It generates oxidants in the water which mitigate corrosion and biofouling, control the growth of micro-organisms, and helps in reducing the scaling and spread of airborne bacteria.
  • This is an online treatment system, which is a widely accepted product, designed for larger capacity cooling towers in centralised AC, general industries, power station, refinery etc.
  • This system precipitates all scale forming ions such as magnesium and calcium that are susceptible to dropping out the liquid at high pH Viz., Silica, Ferrum, Manganese etc.
  • This online electrolytic scale remover is a single system that produces strong oxidants and takes care of scale formation, algae formation, slime formation, waterborne bacterial growth, disinfection (prevent legionella), and creation of an alkaline pH environment to prevent corrosion.

Thermax to Showcase COP Absorption Chiller Series

Pune-based Thermax offers vapour absorption cooling systems including an extensive range of chillers that use steam, hot water exhaust gases and other fuels. Thermax chillers are extensively used for process cooling and air conditioning.

COP Steam driven Absorption Chiller

According to B Venkatesh, Global Head, Absorption Cooling Business, Thermax Limited will be showcasing its latest high COP absorption chiller series along with other award-winning absorption chillers and heat recovery solutions. The company will also showcase its new state-of-the-art, digitised manufacturing facility in Sricity, AP, where the company has an automated manufacturing system fully controlled by the latest Manufacturing Execution System (MES). “This helps us to deliver chillers with a higher level of accuracy and leak tightness, improved aesthetics and reliability. We would like to communicate to our audience the operational benefits of using our innovative products, in addition to the environmental advantages,” he further adds.

Gandhi Automation Brings Prime Freeze & Prime Freeze Duo

Gandhi Automations has expertise in manufacturing as well as exporting, distributing and installing Entrance Automation Systems and Loading Bay Equipment.

According to Kartik Gandhi, Director, Gandhi Automations, ACREX India 2019 event provides Gandhi Automations an ideal platform for the exchange of ideas among professionals and the opportunity to highlight the latest products, trends and innovations in the industry. Special focus is on products and services for energy efficiency and saving.

Perhaps the most challenging door application, cold storage door openings present unique requirements as well as an opportunity for Reliable Door and Dock to demonstrate our expertise in this market.

At ACREX India 2019 exhibition, Gandhi Automations will showcase Prime Freeze and Prime Freeze Duo. “We have innovated the technology by creating High Speed Vertical doors that are self-repairable, fast, safe, reliable and a perfect solution where cold storage with negative temperatures to as low as – 22°F is required,” informs Kartik Gandhi.

The products use heater system thus, helping to prevent heat loss, door leakage, wastage of electricity, leaving out of refrigerated air. The product offers solutions for wide openings that offer very good sealing properties. Further, it provides insulation, fast moving, and causes minimal loss of air as well as minimal breakdown. Dual curtain with a blower or dryer aids in isolating the freezer area from other area reducing convection partial opening and full opening available to minimise convection and energy losses through operation of Freezer Door suitable for both positive and negative temperature between +5ºC to -35ºC.

ICA India to Display Small Diameter Copper Tube Heat Exchanger

International Copper Association (ICA) India will be participating in the ACREX India 2019. According to Avinash Khemka, Chief Manager HVAC, International Copper Association India, Smaller Diameter Inner-Grooved Copper Tubes technology is expanding into all sizes of heat exchanger coils from small to very large. Not many years ago there were just a handful of smaller diameter copper tube applications but that is no longer the case. Smaller-diameter copper tubes can be found in a myriad of products with tube lengths ranging from a few inches to several meters; and capacities ranging from hundreds of watts to hundreds of kilowatts.

5mm Inner Groove Heat Exchanger

Smaller Diameter Copper Tube heat exchangers enable high efficiency to be realised in diverse and dissimilar products, from cold vending machines and cold display cases to clothes drying heat pumps and mobile refrigeration systems; and Smaller Diameter Copper Tubes are being used in large commercial and industrial systems, too.

Once the small diameter tubes are interlaced with aluminum fin plates and mechanically expanded, the ruggedness of the round tube plate fin (RTPF) heat exchangers is remarkable. Such are highly valued for their corrosion resistance. Unlike systems made from aluminum, the high nobility of copper compared to aluminum results in the sacrificial corrosion of aluminum fins rather than the copper tubes. Consequently, there is scant chance of a leak even under harsh environmental conditions. That means Smaller Diameter Copper Tube designs are favoured in outdoor condensers and process cooling equipment, he adds.

Testo to Promote Smart Measuring Solutions

Testo provides a range of accurate and effective digital measurement instruments. These are suitable for all important temperature, humidity, pressure and flow velocity measurements.

Testo Air Capture Hood
Testo 440 Air Velocity IAQ measuring Instrument

At ACREX India 2019, Testo’s prime focus is to promote smart work with Testo’s smart measuring solutions for the HVAC industry. Testo will display smart products such as Smart Probes, intuitive IAQ measuring instrument testo 160, testo 420 air capture hood etc. “Visitors will also get a feel of the real applications and solutions in our hi-tech experience zone,” informs Vimal Chavda, Manager – HVACR, Testo India.

Testo Smart Probes with App

“We do have a new product in consideration right now. We also believe that it will be a revolutionary step in the smart measuring technology which will ease and improve the IAQ measurement techniques that we currently have. Probably the most versatile and intuitive product in the market for HVACR sector,” he further adds.

Kahan Controls to introduce High Pressurised Misting System

Kahan Controls is introducing High Pressurised Misting System for air cooled condensers and chillers in Indian market with collaboration with Tecnocooling Italy.

According Virendra Kamdar, CEO, Kahan Controls, Tecnocooling manufactures complete range of high pressurised pump ranging from 1 LPM to 21 LPM along with specially designed open able and cleanable type anti-drip nozzle, high quality and heavy-duty high-pressure hose and various types of high-quality push-in fittings.

High Pressurised Misting System

The system works on principle of Adiabatic Cooling Principle where by forcing water by means of high-pressure pump, through specially designed misting nozzles, one can create a fog of ultra-fine water droplets with an average size of less than 5-10 microns. These tiny drops quickly absorb the energy (heat) present in the environment and evaporate converting water to water vapour (gas). The energy (heat) used to change the water to gas is eliminated from the environment, hence, the air is cooled and at the same time humidity of air is increased. Kahan Controls can design complete project depends upon client requirement.

Advantages of System

  • Very high efficiency as compared to cooling pad system or any other evaporative cooling system.
  • Very low installation cost and very easy to install as no ducting is required.
  • Very low moving parts and very low energy consumption.
  • Installation at retrofit jobs are very easy as compared to old traditional systems.
  • Takes minimal space and no extra space required for fans or pads etc.

The system finds applications in outdoor cooling, industrial cooling, adiabatic cooling or humidification in AHU, misting system for air cooled condenser or air-cooled chillers, textile humidification, dust suppression, and air-cooled condensers.

Vulkan Technologies to Showcase Service Lokring

Vulkan Technologies, 100 per cent subsidiary of Vulkan Lokring Germany, manufactures lokring – solder-free (or braze-free) tube connections used in refrigeration and air conditioning technology, supplying nearly 80 million lokrings per year.

According to Prashant Patel, Vice President, Vulkan Technologies, the company will be presenting Service Lokring, a unique product for joining tube without brazing at ACREX India 2019. It ensures leak proof joint with high quality in refrigeration and air-conditioning systems, geothermal, heat pumps, solar thermal systems, refrigeration appliances and automotive ACs. Lokring is TUV Nord, UL approval, EN 16084, and EN 378-2 certified.

Vulkan Lokring

The advantages of lokring are

  • No heat, no flame – clean and cold joint.
  • No need to carry bulky gas cylinders, welder, fire extinguisher.
  • No need for any fire approvals.
  • Installation during business hours and public access possible.
  • Light hand assembly tool.
  • No harmful brazing fumes.
    Eliminates solder related quality problems
  • Saves 40 per cent time of installation.

Concurrent Events

ACREX India 2019 seminar, the concurrent event will focus on HVAC of Tomorrow, covering emerging technologies for energy efficient and healthy buildings in hot and humid climates, future refrigerants, radiant cooling in Indian buildings, indoor air quality in workplaces, liquid desiccant added air conditioning etc.

Industry experts’ workshops on IAQ, Indoor Environmental Quality in Buildings, Ammonia Refrigeration, Internet of Things (IoT), Variable Refrigerant Flow System will share their expertise and experiences for enlightening the industry.

ACREX Awards of Excellence will recognise products and services in categories such as innovation, green buildings, energy saving in refrigeration segment, green product, innovation in building automation, product with technology developed in India, and Indoor Air Quality.

ACREX Hall of Fame, a new industry benchmark instituted by ISHRAE, will honour the excellence in conservation of energy by commercial buildings in India. The coveted recognition aims to recognise iconic projects in India which can be global benchmarks in energy efficiency and sustainability.


The ACREX India 2019, apart from being a launch pad for new products and technologies, will witness participation from more than 25 countries and bring the entire HVACR universe to Mumbai.

The event will be a knowledge hub enlightening everyone – from manufacturers to end-users.