Ammonia Gas Leak

Industries like food, beverage and chemical factories use tons of Ammonia for refrigeration purpose. Ammonia is a commonly used refrigerant in many refrigeration units due to its low cost, high energy efficiency and negligible environmental impact. However, its high concentrations can directly be lethal. Ammonia is a gas which is not only toxic but also flammable.

Due to the huge amounts of ammonia in storage, these industries require Ammonia gas leak detection systems for safety and protection of personnel and property and to alert adjacent facilities and neighborhoods of a gas release.

Since inception, Ambetronics Engineers Pvt. Ltd., has detected ammonia gas leaks and also mitigated the risk associated with it like an expert.

Ambetronics Gas Detectors use electrochemical sensors which are accurate at high levels of humidity in freezers as well. The measurement ranges of ammonia gas sensors vary from 0 – 100 PPM, 0 – 1000 PPM or 0 – 100 % LEL, depending on the client’s requirement.

Ambetronics has an exceptionally effective alarming system which alerts the workers and personnel whenever the concentration of leak goes beyond the permissible limits (TWA: 25 PPM & STEL: 35PPM).

The Ambetronics make gas detectors are configured with Ambetronics make gas monitors whose relay output operates the exhaust fans automatically and thereby ventilates the cold rooms.

This guarantees safe and controlled atmosphere inside the cold room as well as it cautions the workers before entering the room.

With timely ammonia gas leak detection through Ambetronics make ammonia gas detector, the preventive measures can be taken care of by:

  • Quickly responding to the alert signals,
  • Automated ventilation,
  • Immediate evacuation of personal from the site, and

Taking disaster management actions.

Ashish Shah
Ashish Shah
MD, Ambetronics Engineers Pvt. Ltd.