At China Refrigeration 2021, BITZER received the Innovation Product of the Year Award for its CSW105 series. These compact screw compressors are designed for air conditioning applications and also came first in the Air Conditioning category of the Awards.


The CSW105 compact screw compressor series is suitable for water-cooled liquid chillers, air-cooled liquid chillers at moderate ambient temperatures, and low-temperature heat pumps. They are very versatile due to their compact design. The CSW105 series offers displacements of 1,700 m³/h to 2,000 m³/h (at 50 Hz operation). Furthermore, it contains the efficient, infinitely adjustable capacity control CR (capacity regulation). The optimised slider concept for automated Vi adjustment also regulates the volume ratio independently and efficiently in a wide range of applications. The integrated IQ module CM-SW-01 with prewired sensors and actuators enables the compressors to integrate easily into the system controls. The intelligent module then operates built-in features such as slider positioning and slider position detection or switches on oil heating if necessary.

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