Virus is transmitting itself in multi ways. Though local governments should be doing everything they can – to protect  from health and safety concerns; but is lockdown an evergreen option or an innovative strategy is to manage the actionable time. Prime HVAC business is loosing luster, but strategies may include video consultations and guidance for maintenance, repair or buying new HVAC equipment for homeowners.

Our country is at threshold, set for an accelerating rise in number of Covid cases again. Researchers have discovered new variants and double mutants entering states. Many states have taken lockdown-like measures and curbs to control the virus. The implications concern lives and businesses. However, positive impact of government approval of  technology transfer for Covid vaccine production – to Haffkine Biopharma in Mumbai, to ease supply enabling quick mass vaccination programmes, provides optimism that trade activities will return to normal soon.

From HVAC perspective, there is need to tackle airborne transmission, as clean air holds the key. To combat spread of viral mutations, the response needs be innovative measures. Constant monitoring is crucial to safeguard. As latest precautionary measure in our office, I have asked my employees to get RT-PCR test, to protect the safety, health and well-being of all. At Chary Publications, we are constantly in touch with HVACR activities, striving to provide you all with latest content, and also across all our platforms of social media. Enjoy this issue with interesting coverage.

Hand sanitizer is a welcome need now everywhere or to any entrance. HVAC technology for ventilation, killing virus, filtration and up-gradation are new rising measures to address the crisis. Cancellation of events and work-from-home programs are new normal. I believe that world over, trade exhibitions will be held online through the first half of 2021. Things will shape up to re-recovery mode – currently shaken up again, due to fresh surge of covid with its siblings as variants, better at evading the immune system.

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Pravita Iyer

Publisher & Director

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