Blue Air Purifiers

Blueair launched Blue Pure Auto air purifiers – an extension of their best-selling Blue product line. Building on the functional design and efficiency of the current Blue family air purifiers, the new ‘Auto’ models feature the same simple one-button design and lightweight, compact package, while offering new enhancements. The air purifiers now track and display’s current air quality and feature a new auto mode that auto-adjusts fan speed based on your indoor pollution levels.

Andy Lu, General Manager, Blueair North America, said: “Our Blue family of air purifiers appeal to those who care deeply about their indoor environment but do not wish to sacrifice on quality, convenience, or performance when it comes to cleaner air. Consumers are now more mindful of their air quality than ever before and are looking for a simple, worry-free reassurance that their air purifier is continuously working to protect them.” 

Lu added: “The new Blue Pure Auto upgrades provide an extra layer of protection without sacrificing the simplicity or aesthetic appeal synonymous with Blue.”