The Air Handling Unit (AHU) is a ventilation device connected to duct work which distributes conditioned air throughout a building space. It contains various active components such as fan sections, cooling and heating coils, air filter systems, sound attenuator, humidification, dampers and importantly heat recovery.

Goals of an HVAC System

  • Control temperature
  • Fresh air circulation
  • Air filtration
  • Efficiency/Economy
  • Unobtrusive and quiet

HVAC Design Priorities

  1. Thermal Breaking ability
  2. Decreasing Air Leakage
  3. Decreasing Water Leakage
  4. Vibration Dampening
  5. Compatible with Smart Technology
  6. Configurable design for different industries (Healthcare, Universities, Industrial)
  7. Acoustics
  8. Air Flow Rate

Benefits of 3M Bonding Solutions in HVAC Applications
Tape and Adhesive solutions can help improve product designs and production efficiency.

Enhance efficiency of finished unit

Help maintain structural design requirements while reducing energy loss

3M™ Tapes & Adhesive Technology

3M VHB ™ adhesive tapes are a valid alternative to screws, rivets, welds, and other fasteners mechanical, which allow to speed up the production process thanks to the simplicity of application and immediate gluing. Thanks to their structure, 3M VHB ™ belts can conform to surface irregularities, compensating for small inhomogeneities in surfaces.

Whatever the bonding needs be, the 3M™ Scotch-Weld™ Structural Adhesives and 3M™ Adhesive Sealants gives advanced strength and durability with limited odors and an improved aesthetic. Replace traditional mechanical or thermal methods for fast-bonding, high strength adhesion without visible fastenings or weld spots. 3M™ Scotch-Weld™ Structural Adhesives and 3M™ Adhesive Sealants produce a seamless appearance, making products lighter and more efficient and give you better design freedom thanks to their ability to bond dissimilar materials. They’re more time efficient as there’s no need for energy-intensive thermal bonding or time-consuming drilling.

These products are tested for the stress distribution in the bond line that helps to control deflection of the metal panels. The stiffeners applied for extra support in the metal panels attached with 3M™ adhesive technologies can reduce the panel deflection while maintaining the rigidity. It is also ease the attachment of stiffeners while increasing the final aesthetic, with stress -resistance capability and process flexibility. These products are evaluated as per the industry accepted ASTM test methods to determine the structural integrity, pressure cycling, wind loads and environmental conditions. These are tested in third party laboratories for various applications. These product also decreases the chance of galvanic corrosion incase of different metal attachments.


3M™ uses science and technology to improve lives and provide innovative manufacturing solutions around the world. A market leader in bonding technology, 3M™ tapes and adhesives are used in countless industries thanks to their unwavering reliability and ease-of-use, making them some of the most popular on the market. We collaborate with our customers to help them develop lighter, more attractive, longer lasting products with better flexibility when designing and selecting materials. The adhesive experts can provide with the best technical advice for choosing the right solution for your operation. Through individual laboratory testing we can recommend the best products to fit your production line based on stability and durability to give you a unique, personalized solution. These applications can also be assisted with semi or fully automatic bonding equipment in the production facility. We also help to train the installers, plus have a world-class team of engineering experts to help answer questions when you come across new situations. From the planning stages through construction to final documentation and inspection, we want to help make the application a successful part of your project.

Unlike traditional fastenings, there’s no need to drill holes in the substrate, mitigating the risk of future corrosion and substrate fatigue. With simpler processes and less downtime drilling or curing, you can increase productivity and efficiency on the production line. 3M™ solutions can help to keep up to date with manufacturing technology with expert advice to simplify the process and keep the operations running smoothly. We can provide solutions for applications with challenging substrates and processes such as powder coated materials or operations that require high temperature resistance.


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Author: Ms. Ashavaree Sahoo – Senior Technical Manager, Industrial Adhesives & Tapes Division at 3M India

Ms. Ashavaree Sahoo is the subject matter expert and working as Senior Technical Manager in 3M India and has about 13 years of experience. She collaborates with the industry forums to develop new applications with 3M technologies. Her passion and drive have led to new application success globally. Has represented in external industry forums and many publications in national and international magazines for creating awareness of the new technologies in the construction industry.

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