Bradford White Ef120 Series Water Heaters
IC: Freepik

Bradford White Water Heaters, manufacturer of commercial, residential and industrial water heating and storage applications, announces launch of a new feature within the American-made line of eF120 series commercial gas water heaters. The eF120 product line now incorporates BMS and modulation technology for remote monitoring capability and increased fuel efficiency.

Louise Prader, Senior Director-Product Management, Bradford White said,”We developed the new eF120 series in response to the changing market for commercial water heaters. Modulation and BMS are quickly becoming the standard. For industries that have a high demand for hot water, from manufacturing and construction to education, hospitality and healthcare, the efficiency and improved fuel utilization provided by modulation can make a big difference in a small amount of time. And the option to connect Bradford White products into a building-wide network of mechanical and electrical systems improves efficiency, reduces response times and limits the risk of equipment failure.”

The eF120 series’ modulation technology allows users to match burner output to variations in heating demand. Using sensors, electronic controls, variable speed blowers and algorithms, the heater maintains a higher constant temperature in order to respond quickly and efficiently to water draw. This modulation uses less energy and reduces mechanical wear compared to traditional heating tank systems.

BMS capability allows users to integrate a water heater into an automated system that controls and monitors electrical, communications, security and other systems. Within a BMS network, building and facilities teams can remotely monitor essential functions and more efficiently manage maintenance and repairs.

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