Airborne contamination is an undesirable by-product of changing lifestyles. Greater demand for more efficient products and services has led to rapid industrialization, which in turn has put pressure on the environment into accepting higher than safe levels of pollutants that it can safely eliminate.

Bry-Air Ecoscrub Gas Phase Filtration system is the most cost-effective solution for airborne Contamination. It’s unique process not only cleans the contaminated air of suspended particles and corrosive gases, but is also used for odor removal, making the working environment healthy for you and your electronic equipment.

Bry-Air Gas Phase Filtration (GPF) Systems provide an optimum solution for efficient removal of airborne contaminants causing corrosion in electronic/electric circuits, bad odour and harmful gases from the atmosphere housing critical systems, such as data centres, server rooms, research labs, diagnostic systems and cold storage.

Application areas

System is ideal for industries as diverse as mentioned herein:

-Data Centers, IT / Server rooms,
-Petroleum and Oil refineries,
-Food Processing Plants, Paper and Pulp,
-Waste Water and Sewage treatment facilities,
-Museums and Libraries,
-Post Harvest Storage Facilities,
-Iron & Steel,

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