Hitachi air conditioners come with stainless steel coated filters, which help in improving the air quality inhibiting the growth of bacteria and removes any foul odours in the room to give cool and fresh air.

Expandable Inverter Air-conditioners can increase their compressor’s rotation per minute (RPM) from the standard rated RPM, as and when required, according to the actual ambient conditions outside and load requirement inside the room. Its technology stems from our Tropical Inverter Technology that uses Seamless Cascade Vector DC Inverter System which gives better performance than any other non-tropical Inverter AC.

Filter Clean Indicator: A unique alert reminds to clean the filter at regular intervals, ensuring powerful cooling all the time.

SuperFine Mesh Filter: Hitachi’s unique SuperFine mesh filter captures microdust particle and also offers hassle-free cleaning .

Stepless Compressor Control: Specially designed advanced micro controller checks indoor and outdoor condition, and varies compressor speed seamlessly, thus offering uninterrupted cooling.

100% Cooling Capacity at 43ºC:  ACs are designed to provide 100% cooling performance even in extreme summer conditions.

Other Features

-100% Inner Grooved Copper Tube;
-Super Slit Fins;
-Stabilizer Free Operation;
-Tropical Design;
-Penta Sensor.

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