Capsells Hydroxyl Generators Air Purification Systems
Photo by Pexels on pixabay

Capsells recently launched its new line of clean air technology products, which are ideal for all residential, commercial, medical, and industrial buildings. From small residential homes and businesses, all the way up to sprawling commercial and industrial spaces, HGI hydroxyl machines and air purifiers can be scaled to any type or size of space to effectively eliminate all known air pollutants, viruses, bacteria and odour by 99.99%. Hydroxyl technology, the backbone of HGI systems it replicates the Sun’s natural ultraviolet rays and sterilization abilities to neutralize and purify the air of indoor spaces and surfaces. Capsells is working hand-in-hand with CleanArc Power and HGI scientists and engineers to offer the best air purification system and hydroxyl technology cost-effectively. 

John Richardson, CEO, Capsells said: “We believe everyone, regardless of where they live, where they work, or where they frequent, is entitled to breathe safe indoor air of the highest quality. We’re excited to have partnered with the leading HGI technology and its engineers to provide air purification systems that effectively kill 99.99% of air pollutants in any space and without the use of harmful chemicals.”