The launch of µChiller Process to enhance CAREL range for the management of chillers. , µChiller Process is a compact and cost-effective controller on the market for complete management of process chillers with On-Off and variable-capacity BLDC compressors. It covers most process applications without the need for modification or addition of external devices due to its flexible and large number of functions. 

European Ecodesign regulations, specifically “ENER Lot 21” (Regulation 2016/2281 of the European Commission) define new efficiency and performance requirements for process chillers. Furthermore, connectivity of industrial machinery is becoming an increasingly widespread trend, also following current restrictions on mobility due to the pandemic: a situation that will further drive the growth of IoT in industry. The µChiller Process controller combines the reliability of traditional design with innovative elements for high efficiency and connectivity to comply with regulations and respond to the demands of end-users.

The compact dimensions of the chillers that offer in-line cooling services in production plants means that all of the components must be likewise compact. In the same way, greater integration of functions into the controller itself minimises the need for additional external units. The distinctive element of μChiller Process is complete control of high-efficiency units through integrated management of electronic valves and BLDC compressors, without neglecting the specifics of process applications, such as hot gas bypass or the possibility to manage a storage tank or backup pump.

The availability of serial ports, connectivity via Bluetooth with smartphones using the CAREL APPLICA app or via computer, offer various methods of interaction between the unit and the end-user and/or manufacturer.

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