Carrier Indoors Webinar Series Buildings Safely Reopen
Photo by Anete Lūsiņa on unsplash

As building owners and managers around the world work to safely reopen schools, businesses, restaurants, retail spaces and more, Carrier has teamed up with Dr Joseph Allen, Director of the Healthy Buildings Program at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health and Carrier’s scientific advisor, to launch a healthy buildings webinar series – A Healthier Future Starts Indoors. The educational series kicks off this week, beginning with a foundational session on the importance of healthy indoor environments, followed by sessions dedicated to specific verticals with actionable recommendations to help ensure a safe reopening.

Dr Allen said: “COVID-19 has elevated the recognition of the importance of indoor environments on our health. As businesses, schools and healthcare institutions work to reopen and stay open, with occupant health and safety top of mind, healthy buildings are the new minimum. But healthy buildings are not just a short-term need. Buildings are a tool for long-term health promotion, and improvements now will prepare us to manage through COVID and beyond.”

Rajan Goel, Senior Vice President and leader, Carrier’s Healthy Buildings Program as the head of Carrier’s Building Solutions Group said: “Customers all over the world are turning to Carrier solutions to operate their HVAC, fire and security systems optimally for a healthier and safer environment. From retrofits and system upgrades to enhanced operations and analytics services, Carrier has the expertise to evaluate each building’s requirements and make recommendations for a healthier, safer future.”

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