Daikin Applied Smartsource Doas Cost Effective Heating Cooling Environmental Conditions
Photo by Adolfo Félix on unsplash

Daikin Applied introduced the Daikin SmartSource Dedicated Outdoor Air System (DOAS), its next generation of heat pump heating technology enables efficient and cost-effective heating and cooling in all conditions using 100% of fresh, outdoor air. The new unit features exclusive SmartBoost Heat Technology, allows air as cold as 0 degrees Fahrenheit to enter without any pre-heating, all while achieving 49% higher than ASHRAE 90.1-2016 minimum efficiency.

Alan Youker, Product Manager, Daikin Applied said: “Striking the right balance between maintaining fresh, clean air throughout a building—and doing so cost-effectively—is no simple task, but it’s increasingly important today as we think about how to achieve healthy indoor environments. The SmartSource Dedicated Outdoor Air System is a new technology for facility managers seeking a reliable and tech-forward way of ensuring optimal indoor heating and cooling with unmatched efficiency.”

The SmartSource DOAS taps a water source heat pump’s hot gas reheat coil in addition to the unit’s primary DX coil. The resulting heating efficiencies—up to 5.1 ISCOP2 per AHRI 920-2020—coupled with the latest advancements in electronically commutated motors and industry-leading shaftless blower technology help ensure premium performance.