Carrier’s new air monitor takes the user one step closer to being more informed about the IAQ…

Carrier has recently introduced its new air monitor – a simple, cost-effective way to monitor the Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) in almost any room of a house, apartment or office space. The product is the most recent addition to Carrier’s growing suite of Healthy Homes solutions.

As people are now more focused on the health of their indoor environments than ever before, it is imperative that they take steps to improve their living and working spaces, including the air they breathe. With a Carrier air monitor, they are now one step closer to being more informed about their IAQ – and determining solutions for creating a healthier environment.

Users can simply place the Carrier air monitor in their room of choice, plug it in and connect the device to the Carrier Home app. The air monitor continuously samples the air in the room, measures levels of particulates and features sensors that detect the level of fine particles (2.5 microns or smaller) that may be associated with health effects such as potential lung damage, asthma development and increased allergy symptoms. The monitor features an LED ring light that provides instant, constant air quality status.

For spaces having high levels of Total Volatile Organic Compounds (TVOCs), the monitor includes a sensor that detects the concentration of such compounds, which can be emitted as gases from certain solids or liquids and may be linked with potential health concerns

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