Toshiba Corporation (Toshiba) has received an award for its HAORI inverter air conditioner at Japan’s Good Design Award 2021, the annual awards sponsored by the Japan Institute of Design Promotion to honour good design and product quality. This product also secured distinctions at the iF Design Award earlier this year.

Established in 1957, Good Design Award is Japan’s leading commendation system. The award is given for different categories of design, including: architecture, application and software, projects and initiatives that utilize design. Through this system, many people come across ‘good design’ and appreciate their value.  The recognition rate of the award is 84%, with its familiar symbol, G-Mark.

TCC (Toshiba Carrier Corporation) is a Japan-based air-conditioning joint venture between Toshiba Corporation and Carrier Global Corporation. The HAORI inverter air conditioners were designed to realize air-conditioners that complement interior spaces, the body and the cover were separated, and the structure of the housing reconsidered. Now, the finish is simple, with a fabric cover that can be changed to coordinate with the room. In addition, full consideration was paid to the appearance of the flaps after operation, a source of noise other than the cover.

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