“Choose energy-efficient products with high recyclability levels…”

Novenco Building & Industry represents SCHAKO Group in India that provides the most environmentally friendly, energy-efficient, and sustainable ventilation solutions globally. In an exclusive e-interview with Cooling India, the company’s Country Head Devendra Mishra discusses several aspects of their Indian business with P. K. Chatterjee (PK). Excerpts…

How is the business of NOVENCO Building & Industry expanding in India?

Since 2019, when we established NOVENCO Building & Industry here in India, we have been very well-received. We have experienced an increased focus on energy efficiency in the Indian market, which suits us very well.

After all, we have been optimising our products for 75 years and what we offer to the market today is the most energy-efficient fans with fan efficiencies of up to 92% and recyclability rates of up to 98% after 20-25 years of product lifetimes. These are now also AMCA certified.

After only four fast years, NOVENCO Building & Industry is a known brand in the Indian market and the growing future focus on energy efficient solutions and sustainable solutions in India gives us a lot of market opportunities.

Which industrial sectors or segments are on the top of your target list at present in India?

Without a doubt, with the growing focus on energy efficiency, the retrofit market in India is our priority and our field of expertise. However, our fans can be used in a wide range of applications. They can be used for air washers, for air handling units, as single fan units and for industrial purposes. There is a wide range of uses. We also look into introducing our jet fans range for car parks and tunnels as well as smoke control in high-rise buildings to the market.

What are the most significant features of NOVENCO’s projects?

The environmentally friendly EC+ concept developed in close cooperation between Danfoss and NOVENCO® is the latest market response to growing demands for energy savings and comprises the NOVENCO ZerAx® series of high efficiency axial fans, high efficiency IE4 and IE5 permanent magnet motors and the intelligent and high efficiency Danfoss VLT® frequency drives. These most efficient system solutions for AHUs are miles ahead of the competition with unmatched overall system efficiencies of up to 85%.

Will you set up your manufacturing base in India?

Our manufacturing today is done in Scandinavia, Denmark. However, we look forward to a point in time where we can do assembly work in India. We are looking into that already and want in the future to have an assembly setup here in India.

Are you finding good opportunities in the retrofitting business?

Improving energy efficiency and choosing products with high recyclability levels are shortcuts to sustainable buildings.

NOVENCO’s complete plug-and-play retrofit solutions with ZerAx fans guarantee easy and fast upgrades of existing HVAC installations. In comparison to more traditional fans, NOVENCO ZerAx fans reduce energy consumption by up to 20% and even up to 60% when replacing outdated fans.

What is more, we look into making our products even more sustainable and also to use more sustainable and more reused materials in our production.

How is your pan-India network to offer prompt maintenance service?

We are expanding our Indian team and we have established a strong partnership with four partners in different locations in India. Only in this way,  we can assure prompt maintenance service.

How do you help your customers in reducing their carbon footprints?

As it becomes increasingly important to develop, manufacture and consume in a sustainable responsible manner, the importance of energy efficiency grows year by year.

Using our solutions, customers are on the technological forefront when it comes to energy and cost-efficient ventilation, but also in protecting the environment and natural resources, as NOVENCO products are manufactured with sustainability in mind – both in the construction and production phases.

How do you ensure smoke control in high-rise buildings, which is becoming very essential these days in India?

Fires in high-rise buildings are a major threat. With the ever-increasing height of buildings, the requirements for reliable life safety systems becomes higher and higher. A key requirement in life safety regulations is to ensure the safe escape and evacuation of people. For this purpose, we have developed the ClearChoice™ Pressure Differential Systems as a solution for creating smoke free escape routes, that allow people to escape from buildings and tunnels. The system is reliable, energy-efficient, and suitable for any building structure.

Although India is at its nascent stage as far as incubation in agriculture is concerned, how can you help the entrepreneurs in that field?

NOVENCO Building & Industry has a long history as supplier of ventilation for the agricultural sector. Our optimal energy-saving solutions and designs for farms, dairies and industrial facilities are innovative and help ensure environmentally safe ventilation and comfort. The solutions are robust and can increase productivity substantially as well as reduce health issues at low investment and operating cost. NOVENCO specialists for the agricultural ventilation solutions can assist in the solution design and specifications.

What type of response did you get from the recently concluded ACREX 2023?

The ACREX 2023 was a success for us. We met many visitors interested in NOVENCO sustainable and energy efficient solutions during the ACREX 2023. We are glad for each visit and all interesting discussions. We have gained much new experience and received many requests for our sustainable solutions.

What is your message to the decision makers of the ventilation system users in India?

With the urgency of the green transition in India, choose green technologies available at hand. Focus on sustainability and on Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). Choose energy-efficient products with high recyclability levels, which are shortcuts to the green transition.

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