chu poitiers becomes energy efficient
Chu Poitiers Becomes Energy Efficient

CHU Poitiers, a university hospital located in La Milétrie, in France is all set to become energy efficient by embarking on a project for energy performance improvement. The project is within the framework of the ISO 50001 certification and has implemented an investment plan for the air conditioning system renovation.

With the goal of reducing the site’s total energy consumption by 10 per cent and keeping the payback period around five years, the consultant replaced the two 30-year-old chillers by a far more efficient, cutting-edge chiller.

The new air conditioning system at CHU Poitiers is based on 1 megawatt air-cooled chiller TECS2 HFO/SL-CA-E/S 1053, Climaveneta branded. The unit has a Turbocor compressor which works oil-free and saves energy, especially at partial loads. In addition, the TECS2 chiller has a smaller footprint compared to a screw compressor unit. This allowed CHU to place the chiller outside, directly above the technical rooms, saving space and using shorter pipes. This results in significant savings and easier maintenance. David Martineau, Works & Services Manager at Hervé Thermique says, “The main constraint for this project was the lack of space in the technical rooms. We had to create a 3D model in order to optimise the piping and the equipment layout for maintenance purposes.”


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